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3 ways open data is revolutionizing product development

When we think of big data and product development, the discussion is usually about internal data: feedback on existing users, products, etc. But it’s when we turn our attention outward to the masses of unstructured data that we can understand not just what already exists, but what ought to be.


What’s that thing? Whatever it is, it needs security

The year is 2030 and I’m at the supermarket shopping. An ad-drone has passed over my house and eavesdropped on my last interaction with my kitchen, and my phone starts bombarding me with ads. It has also hacked my bathroom scales and sold my details to every weight-loss clinic in the area. This isn’t the IoT I dreamed of.


3 reasons entrepreneurs shouldn’t be scared of Bitcoin

We found that a rapidly rising price for Bitcoin leads to a rush of Bitcoin-related startups being formed, while a falling price discourages entrepreneurs from forming startups. But here are 3 good reasons why entrepreneurs should pursue Bitcoin startups even while the price is falling.