3 ways tech companies are powering conversions through retargeting from AdRoll

It’s an exciting time to be a B2B marketer. More so than perhaps any other vertical, B2B and technology advertisers benefit from high customer values and low incremental costs (thank you, software and technology!) This means that with some strategic marketing, a profitable customer relationship isn’t just within reach, it’s as cost-effective as ever.

9 factors creating a ‘perfect storm’ driving the Internet of Things to $14.4 trillion

VANCOUVER — The first computer, ENIAC, cost $6M in 1946 and had less power than a $5 animated greeting card you buy today and throw away tomorrow. That kind of technology innovation is powering the coming internet of things, and turning it into what Cisco Canada CTO Jim Seifert says will be a key component in $14.4 trillion of economic activity within the next decade.