Beijing at night.

Why China will leapfrog the world in Internet of Things

The U.S. led the world in the PC revolution. Europe was where cell phones took off. So where will the wellspring of innovation and customer adoption take place for the Internet of Things?

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Google's back with more cloud price cuts

The price cuts could make some companies consider a relocation to the Google Compute Engine or simply test the infrastructure. That’s critical, because companies have been slow to jump on board the Google cloud thus far.

iPhone Apps

How best-of-breed apps can topple the enterprise monopoly

Makers of the best-of-breed apps will gain momentum in the enterprise ecosystem through smart sales from the bottom up and strategic integrations greater than the sum of their parts.

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The cloud is disrupting and defragmenting the identity market

When we started Centrify more than 10 years ago, Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) was a big but rather static market. In 2008 — a few years after we formed Centrify — the analyst group IDC reported that the IAM market was $3.1 billion.