Tonara puts sheet music on technology’s center stage (otherwise known as the iPad)

Instead of propping up sheet music on a stand, Tonara’s unique iPad sets musical scores flowing  melodiously across the screen so musicians do not have to disrupt their playing to turn pages. Today, the company announced raising $4 million in a first round of financing led by Carmel Ventures and a strategic partnership music publisher Hal Leonard.

Funding Daily: Batman forsakes Gotham City for Silicon Valley

After seeing the Dark Knight Rises last night, I felt compelled to test a theory that everything can somehow be framed within the Batman context. One way or another, I managed to find a Batman angle for all of today’s funding news. It wasn’t that hard, considering Bruce Wayne would probably be an angel investor if he spent less time saving the world from destruction and gave less money to orphans. And that mouthpiece Bane wears looks suspiciously like a piece of hardware I saw on Kickstarter. To the Bat Cave!

9GAG releases mobile app, raises $2.8M to spread giggles like the flu

Continuing in its effort to fill the world with laughter, 9GAG rolled out a mobile app today that makes sharing its “wildly popular irreverent and hilariously funny content” easier than ever. Now, you can spread giggles as quickly as a text message. 9GAG also received $2.8 million in seed financing. Who said venture capitalists don’t have a sense of humor? Or maybe they just like companies with massive followings.

Funding Daily: Goodie Goodie Gumdrops

Some good souls raised money in funding land today. Ticketfly raised a third round to help people’s assaulted ears listen to better music, and Meteor brought in money to support stressed web developers everywhere. GiveForward received investment for its platform helps people crowdfund medical expenses, and EcoScraps took money for a composting scheme that cuts down on waste and greenhouse emissions. And let’s not forget GoodData, which is mainly good because it has the word in its name.

EcoScraps makes millions getting stores to buy back their own garbage

It’s hardly a secret that Americans not only consume massive amounts of food everywhere but also throw massive amounts away. Fortunately, a scrappy startup called EcoScraps is doing its part to remedy one of these problems. The company announced today that it has raised $1.5 million in its first round of funding, which will enable the team to expand operations into more stores and regions across the United States.