6 reasons Amazon needs to buy Hulu

The bidding war for Hulu is heating up, with Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and DirecTV still in the mix. Google is rumored to have made an aggressive offer for Hulu. It may be hard for anyone to match Google’s ability to pay, but Amazon needs to find a way to come out on top — not just that Amazon wants Hulu, but because Amazon really needs Hulu and is best positioned to make the most of Hulu. Here’s why:

Mocana gets funding Intel to protect smart devices from hackers

For all the talk about the “internet of things,” or web-connected sensors of all kinds, there’s a grim reality. Hackers are going to have a field day unless those things are protected from cyberattack. Mocana aims to protect all of those smart devices, from cars to smart meters, and that is why Intel Capital has just invested an undisclosed amount of money into the security startup.

Just how long can the IPO window stay open?

When Wall Street folks mention the “IPO window” most people understand that to mean a period of time when public investors are receptive to buying shares in newly public companies. What many people don’t appreciate, however, is how abruptly that window can fly open or slam shut.