You don’t need a Mayan calendar to predict this potential disaster

Here we are in 2012, and while some fatalists are predicting the end of civilization, I’m going to predict another kind of end. This year will see an end to the current avalanche of investing in what I call “app lifestyle” companies, which have little to no hope of ever producing a sustainable business or “venture” return, usually defined as a 10X return on investment.

A classic startup horror story: the M&A bait and switch

The founder was home in his kitchen cooking dinner when the call came. It was one of those moments when the color seems to drain out of the food in front of you. The voice on the other line was the contact at the company that has been trying to acquire his small startup for several months. “Our engineers looked at what you showed us during the due diligence and told our CEO, ‘It doesn’t look so hard, we can build it ourselves.'”

Pick two classic D&D games, and you can win them for free!

Good Old Games (, keeper of all things classic and gamey, is currently holding a buy one, get one free promotion for a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons PC games. GamesBeat is going one step further and has partnered up with GOG to give 10 lucky winners (two winners a day for the next five days) two D&D-flavored titles of their choosing, free.