HD Trade Services puts the brakes on trade fraud

Most consumers are likely oblivious to the issues of international trade fraud, but for businesses that rely on overseas suppliers, it’s becoming an increasingly large problem. The issue stems from the lack of communication between businesses, which makes it easy for fraud of all varieties to take place.

ApplyApp.ly wants to find you a job, with science!

Finding a job is hard. You grabbed a sales job after college, but you’re terrified of phone calls and your eyes glaze over while looking at sales figures. It’s all because you’re truly an introvert, an abstract thinker, and better suited to be a writer. If only you’d known these traits and looked for a job based on your own quirky psychology, maybe then you wouldn’t have to cry every time you had to make a sales call.

zimperium zdefender

How to stop mobile malware before it happens to you

As consumers venture out of walled-garden app stores, mobile malware is bound to pop up, and as it does, consumers (and businesses) frequently begin to ask how they should be protecting themselves and their devices. Is a mobile antivirus the solution? Never buying off-market apps?

App builder iGenApps builds apps for your phone, on your phone

You can’t control when the inspiration to build a mobile app will hit. You might be far away from your computer and have no measurable coding skills, but that won’t stop you from whipping up the next farting app. iGenApps is a DIY mobile app building service that lets you build a smartphone app — right on your smartphone — without any programming experience at all.

TourWrist’s 360-degree panoramas add another dimension

Remember virtual reality tours, those 360-degree panoramic photos you could navigate with your mouse? They were hot for a while, popping up on every real estate agent and hotel site, but the low quality and jerky navigation made them feel antiquated and oh-so Web 1.0. TourWrist began reviving the art form last year by taking it mobile and adding a slick user interface.

bodymedia 3

BodyMedia enables remote monitoring of your food and exercise

The problem with most diets is that nobody is really watching you all the time. But with a monitoring device and new remote software to go with it, BodyMedia has proposed a way for a coach or fitness trainer to keep track of your vital signs, including your calorie burn and food intake.

Penveu turns any surface into an interactive display

Let’s face it, whatever revolution interactive displays and whiteboards were supposed to deliver hasn’t happened — and it likely never will. While great in theory, most interactive displays are expensive, difficult to maintain, and aren’t big enough for large groups.

Special deal for startups looking to come to DEMO

If you work for a startup and are looking for a little inspiration, networking, or if you just want to come out and see the the coolest new technology from around the world in one place, then here’s your chance to get into DEMO on the cheap.

Screen shot 2012-03-27 at 5.43.49 PM

DEMO keynotes & industry sages set to take the stage

We’re getting ready for DEMO! Join the VentureBeat and DEMO teams April 17-19, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Silicon Valley as more than 70 companies from around the world launch new products and services to an audience of global press, VCs, angel investors and IT buyers.

DEMO Spring features more global startups, networking

DEMO Spring 2012 is returning to Silicon Valley April 17-19 to rock the technology landscape—and put investors face-to-face with quality dealflow from around the world. Register for the 2-day DEMO conference from this post and enjoy a special VentureBeat registration rate of $850 (a savings of more than 50%), good through March 20.

DEMO Asia kicks off with 76 startups from 14 countries (slideshow)

The very first DEMO Asia officially kicked off Wednesday in Singapore. The three-day conference is a launchpad for entrepreneurs and startups from around Asia, and for non-Asian companies that want to get their products on the Asian market.