Demo: Start a VoIP business fast & on the cheap with VoipSwitch

Voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, is the technology that powers apps such as Skype, and it’s been changing the world for quite some time.
VoipSwitch is a company that seeks to harness the power of VoIP technology by adding more features and making it even cheaper and easier for companies to get started with VoIP services for their end users, who in turn save massive amounts of money by being able to communicate through the web rather than over cellular networks.

LUMOback in action!

Demo: LUMOback has a mobile solution for perfect posture

How’s your back feeling right now? About 80 percent of Americans experience significant back pain sometime in their lives and that pain costs more than $50 billion per year. It’s a leading cause of missed work days, disability claims, and visits to the doctor, outnumbered by only the common cold. LUMOback from zero2one is hoping to do something about that.


Demo: Turn images into mobile app prototypes with FieldTest

If you’re not a coder, but you’ve got a great idea for a mobile app (and need to communicate that idea to developers, investors, beta testers and others) FieldTest is one way to quickly and easily solve your problems.
FieldTest allows you to upload images — paper sketches, wireframes, beautifully illustrated mock-ups, whatever — then designate interactions, touch hotspots and more to create a functioning application for testing and demos.

Demo: DHE Media’s dInk platform makes creating tablet kiosks easy

DHE Media is taking a different approach to tablet publishing with its dINK platform. Instead of focusing on the design aspect of publishing for tablets, dINK lets companies approach publishing as an information workflow problem, allowing them to easily deliver relevant information to customers and their employees.

Demo: Make video editing a social activity with Stroome

Video editing doesn’t have to be a lonely undertaking. Stoome, a web-based video editing startup, wants to turn the creation and sharing of videos into a truly collaborative and social experience. Today at Demo Fall 2011 in Silicon Valley, Stroome announced that Mozilla has come on board as a new adviser on its open source efforts.

Demo: OfferedLocal makes it easy to do local promotions

When popular location-base check-in service Foursquare first came along, small businesses had an easy way to use social and location-based marketing tactics to get new customers. But as local marketing options have multiplied, it’s getting more complex.


Demo: Advice-from-strangers theme dominates social tech demonstrations

Thirteen startups presented in the Social and Media Technologies category at this week’s Demo Fall 2011 conference in Silicon Valley. Common themes were getting advice from strangers and trying out items for purchase virtually before buying. Here’s a look at three of those startups we haven’t covered yet in our Demo reporting:

senseaide seniors caregivers

Demo: Care for a senior citizen with SenseAide, a video & health monitoring tool

Two and a half years ago, Sri Rao’s mother-in-law had a stroke. The event left her with almost no mobility on her left side — and with a great need for the attention of caregivers.
“It turned all of our lives upside down,” Rao told VentureBeat. And ultimately, the stroke inspired and motivated Rao to start working on Senseaide, a startup that focuses on the health needs of senior citizens and the information needs of their caregivers.


Demo: A revolution in home utilities, NeighborOil promises lower prices through group buying power

Oil means more than just gasoline. For many folks, it’s also how they heat their homes.
NeighborOil is a startup that’s reexamining how communities buy oil for heating and helping consumers negotiate for better prices and better service. And starting today, it’s bringing its revolutionary model to a wide range of residential utilities, including electricity and natural gas.

Demo: Instant discounts with QR codes on receipts? Sign me up

I hate those printed coupons that come along with my grocery receipts. They’re too easy to forget or lose and too hard to redeem. I also hate loyalty cards, mail-in rebates, and all the other tricks that retailers use to come between me and the discounts they’ve promised.