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Hadoop in the wild: These are the 3 biggest challenges

When we deployed the first production Hadoop cluster in 2006, we were looking to build a more efficient and cost-effective web search index at Yahoo. Very quickly, other groups at Yahoo started using Hadoop for research jobs and revenue-driving applications, such as click prediction for sponsored search. Since then, Hadoop has evolved to become an essential tool for many of the world’s largest companies, including Facebook, GE, Visa, and Wal-Mart.

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The 3 most useful skills to teach at a hackathon

I spent last weekend mentoring participants in PennApps, a hackathon organized by undergraduate students at UPenn. I enjoyed the experience of mentoring, and had an especially great time pretending to know a lot about hardware.


Is your API an asset or a liability?

While almost everyone talks about the API business relationships, the liability concern brings the legal relationship to the forefront.


From wearables to … invisibles

While we argue over 2014-era design issues for wearables, a more profound development is happening in labs around the world. Implantable, microscopic sensor technology — “invisibles” — will soon change our fundamental relationship with technology.

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A VC principal's advice for creating a successful app business

Getting investment in your app or idea to give it the push it needs to get noticed is the aim of most developers but how do you do it? At Apps World Europe this November there will be a heavy focus on what investors are looking for when they invest in apps and apps-based businesses. Below we collate some of their best tips.

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Google's back with more cloud price cuts

The price cuts could make some companies consider a relocation to the Google Compute Engine or simply test the infrastructure. That’s critical, because companies have been slow to jump on board the Google cloud thus far.


SevenVentures Pitch Day offers startups €7M in prizes

7 minutes for part of €7 million. Not quite the European version of Shark Tank (you won’t get VC funding), but you could see your startup’s idea be given a hefty TV marketing budget to break into the European market.

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Learn-to-code boot camps open doors for talented graduates

Coding boot camps, which generally focus on Ruby on Rails and front-end coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, say they have job placement rates north of 90 percent. These intensive programs are generally selective and expensive. But do they really deliver results that justify their costs?

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Crushing your next mobile app install campaign

Historically, many developers have obsessed over their app store rank. But if you’re focusing on quantity versus quality of users, you’re likely going to miss important strategies that will generate longer revenue streams that translate into strong lifetime value of your users.