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Why a 5-year plan is a suicidal practice

The five-year plan is not only unworkable, it is seriously counterproductive. And its death is signaled by the advent of Exponential Organizations, or ones that grow disproportionately larger than peers because of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.

Travis Kalanick, cofounder and chief executive of Uber.

Travis Kalanick: I run Uber like I did when we were 5 people

Travis Kalanick has learnt the hard way how easily perceptions of your company can change when you stop being the little guy. But that hasn’t stopped him retaining elements of the startup mentality in his approach to running Uber.


Entrepreneurs, here's how to think about your valuation

How much capital do you really need to last you 18 months? Will this amount easily allow you to hit milestones to raise your Series A? After an entrepreneur has answered these questions, I tell them to add 30% as buffer, since something always goes wrong or is delayed.


From wearables to … invisibles

While we argue over 2014-era design issues for wearables, a more profound development is happening in labs around the world. Implantable, microscopic sensor technology — “invisibles” — will soon change our fundamental relationship with technology.


Are we in a fintech bubble?

Last year global private fintech companies raised nearly $3 billion, that’s more than triple the $930M invested into fintech companies in 2008.

2013 Apps World New Relic SixDegs Earls Court

A VC principal's advice for creating a successful app business

Getting investment in your app or idea to give it the push it needs to get noticed is the aim of most developers but how do you do it? At Apps World Europe this November there will be a heavy focus on what investors are looking for when they invest in apps and apps-based businesses. Below we collate some of their best tips.

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The tucked and the untucked

Make sure you are creating situations for the tucked and untucked to get together, be together, and work together.


SevenVentures Pitch Day offers startups €7M in prizes

7 minutes for part of €7 million. Not quite the European version of Shark Tank (you won’t get VC funding), but you could see your startup’s idea be given a hefty TV marketing budget to break into the European market.