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A VC principal's advice for creating a successful app business

Getting investment in your app or idea to give it the push it needs to get noticed is the aim of most developers but how do you do it? At Apps World Europe this November there will be a heavy focus on what investors are looking for when they invest in apps and apps-based businesses. Below we collate some of their best tips.

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The tucked and the untucked

Make sure you are creating situations for the tucked and untucked to get together, be together, and work together.


SevenVentures Pitch Day offers startups €7M in prizes

7 minutes for part of €7 million. Not quite the European version of Shark Tank (you won’t get VC funding), but you could see your startup’s idea be given a hefty TV marketing budget to break into the European market.

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Webinar: Reducing Tax Risk for High-Growth Companies

If there’s one thing certain when it comes to tech companies and taxes, it’s that nobody likes surprises regarding risk in their business or investments. This couldn’t be truer than in high-growth companies that are embarking on a major expansion, approaching an IPO or acquisition, or evaluating some other exit strategy.

Peeks makes an app and a clip-on piece of hardware that non-healthcare experts can use to perform eye-health checks for people who might not otherwise have access to them.

5 startups that could radically transform the world around us

Smartphone-based eye exams, pavement that generates electricity from your feet, a gelatinous way to store water, and a smarter beehive — these inventions may not have the sex appeal of social media, but they could make a huge difference in the world.

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How to hire a great engineering manager

Testing for all the various attributes of a great candidate in isolation isn’t enough. What matters even more is the way in which all these attributes interact together.

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How to navigate your first acquisition as a startup

Making the right acquisition can be a game changer. But studies suggest that two out of every three acquisitions fail. So how can you ensure that your first attempt at inorganic growth isn’t your last?


How to maximize your ROI from VC introductions

In an effort to set them — and hopefully others — up for success, I’ve come up with a few pointers that all startups should keep in mind when approaching their network for VC intros that ultimately lead to funding.

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Techmanity summit asks Silicon Valley’s big new questions

Techmanity’s not your average tech conference. It offers an important opportunity to reflect, consider and debate the great changes catalyzed by our unrelenting new technologies. Or simply put, how technology impacts humanity.

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Here’s what happened when we opened up our board meeting to the whole company

Conventional wisdom tells us that the larger the audience for a board meeting, the less information can be shared, and the less honest the discussion about a company’s performance and challenges will likely be. My biggest surprise? The opposite was in fact true.

Innovating women

Women are the great disruptors

Though it might be lonely and scary, here are three good reasons for disrupting yourself.


Silicon Valley Meets Asia: Join the Global Tech Discussion at beGLOBAL

Korea’s startups are garnering global recognition backed by the likes of Y Combinator, Tech Stars, Sequoia Capital, Altos Ventures, and Formation 8. Ten of the brightest Korean startups have been chosen to attend beGLOBAL for their potential of success in U.S. markets.