3 reasons entrepreneurs shouldn’t be scared of Bitcoin

We found that a rapidly rising price for Bitcoin leads to a rush of Bitcoin-related startups being formed, while a falling price discourages entrepreneurs from forming startups. But here are 3 good reasons why entrepreneurs should pursue Bitcoin startups even while the price is falling.

Get the puzzle pieces in place, and you can rock out.

How to rock at startup PR

There is a “going public” that comes before going public. It has nothing to do with stock; nothing to do with strike price or the market’s current appetite for tech offerings. This going public is how companies that understand media introduce themselves to the world.


Reliability is the X-factor in the era of mobile

When a global platform like Facebook simply stops working — even for just barely an hour — the whole world takes notice. Reliability is especially critical in the mobile space, where a chaotic mess of fragmented devices, operating systems, and cloud services can render software unreliable.