Invest in your iPhone for a better future

So, you went out and bought the new iPhone 5S because you’re an Apple loyalist or a sucker for all things new and shiny. Whatever your reason, you just supported a company with your purchase, but did you get anything out of the transaction besides a new gadget? Why not also invest in Apple, or any other company that has products and services that you love, to support yourself for the future?

Software development isn’t just for coders anymore

While new programming languages and frameworks abound that focus on the written code, new tools like Decisions are providing that graphical abstraction layer that allows for the non-technical user to construct applications by dragging and dropping instead of needing to know the correct syntax for an operation. Granted, a basic understanding of information systems is useful and will allow more to be done, but in many cases the graphical representation of a process provides enough context to guide additional development.

Why I left the U.S. to accelerate in Europe

Once upon a time, if you wanted to make it in the startup world, you had to be in The Valley for access to both money and mentoring. But as startup ecosystems begin to grow elsewhere, residency in California is no longer a requisite.