Learning to code: How CareerFoundry’s program launches successful careers

In the U.S. today, the vast majority of young students pick up, put down, play with, watch, and interact with electronics all day long. Their smartphones are the core of their social lifestyle, and their computers are how they get their school work done. Their level of tech savviness may surprise you, however, their understanding of how technical programs actually work may only go so far.


Haters gonna hate, but Arizona’s tech sector really is coming of age

When I wrote a guest column in this space back in late November lauding Arizona as a hotbed for tech startups, I never could have anticipated the backlash the story generated. Now I’m back with some more fodder for those haters out there.

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How to disrupt without making a lot of enemies

As a disruptive entrepreneur, it’s your job to push back against “the way things are.” But according to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, those incumbents who cling to the status quo will push back just as hard. While this reaction is inevitable, you can’t take it as a license for reckless abandon. No matter how innovative your startup is, alienating critical industry players will hurt your success, upset your customers, and make you a number of well-connected enemies.


Startups, focus on your next round now

An analyst at an early stage VC firm gives some advice on how young companies can avoid struggling to raise the next round because they did not have the resources (money) to create enough assets to attract the next investor.


2015: the year marketing automation finally catches on

I am often amazed that a client and I are both living in the same year. No, they didn’t pull up to the meeting in a DeLorean — it’s the way they utilize their marketing technologies.