The true “Link” in Hyrule Warriors

Link has always been the starring protagonist in The Legend of Zelda series. Yes, Link, not Zelda. Link is the player’s connection to the land of Hyrule. Link is you. Well, that used to be the case. Now Link no longer truly represents the majority of the players and the player never had a choice. Hyrule Warriors changes that.

Will buy Mario Kart 8 for DLC

This may seem blasphemous for a Nintendo fan, such as myself, to say, but I was not going to buy Mario Kart 8. After playing seven different versions of Mario Kart, I’ve honestly had my fair share. I really didn’t want to pay to get more of the same. That is until downloadable content, or DLC, came into the picture.

Soft soil is where opportunists plant their seeds

In my opinion, society needs thick skin & to respect the freedom of speech. Even if the opinions are hurtful or hateful people have the right and freedom to express themselves as they should. The day we tell people what they can and what they can’t say, is the day they do the same to us & turn this place into a totalitarian goverment.

Monster allies

So I have been playing around some role-playing games and some games have this style that you have to befriend, tame or capture a monster and have them as allies. While it’s a pretty thing to do as you can try to catch them all, they should add some other stuff to keep gamers interested collecting them. Here is a list that I hope they should add or fix if they ever make it into games again.

Hanging out with Showdown for San Francisco Game Nights is the best spot to hang out on Tuesdays and Thursdays in San Francisco if you are a gamer. They host events filled with games, drinks, food, tournaments, and just general awesomeness for all of us that love playing games to hang out. All types of games from video games to board game are present. If there is a game that you don’t see just bring it and introduce it to everyone.

Robin Williams to be a part of Zelda?

If reports are to be believed, late actor and legend Robin Williams could well be a part of the much popular video game “Legend of Zelda.” One of the most versatile actors of international cinema who passed away a few days back, leaving millions of mourning fans behind had been known for his love of video games, especially Zelda.

Celebrity apps — Other star-sponsored titles thriving alongside Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

By now, if you read gaming articles on sites like Venture Beat, you’re already aware of the runaway success of Kim Kardashian’s mobile app game, whereby users get to pretend they are a personal pion to the reality TV star and work their way up from celebrity assistant to being the blessed soul that accompanies Kim on last-minute outings to fabulous parties and the like. And although it may seem like other stars are jumping on the bandwagon as a result of Kim’s fame, the true fact is that her game was released in June, while others mentioned below were released earlier. Only Tom Hanks’ app came out afterward.

What I look for in a great game

Everyone has their favorite games. They can give you a million reasons why they love their games, but rarely do I hear about what people actually expect from games in general. With so many genres and play styles out there, it’s difficult to figure out what makes an individual game “great” in the midst of so many constants and variables. So I’m going to attempt to explain what I personally look for in a game that will make me stop and say “yeah, that game was pretty freaking sweet.” This will be a list of three things that make a game great for me, but it will not be in an order of importance. I’m just going to consider what goes into a game and say what I look for with each individual piece, as well as how it should fit into the whole package. I won’t be talking about graphics, art style, sound design, etc., as those are just basic yet important accessories to any game, and each game is too different for me to talk about these features at length. With that said, let’s get started.