Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 succeeded on the forefront, offering up yet another fantastic multiplayer experience that is my favorite in the series to date. Treyarch’s push to carry out change into the historically stale singleplayer campaigns of the franchise fell flat on its face, that in the end, produced one of the weakest campaigns I’ve ever played in a Call of Duty game. But singleplayer isn’t what the fans of the franchise buy the game for, its the multiplayer that draws everyone in, and because of that, I’d recommend any fan of the Call of Duty games to go out and buy Black Ops 2.

Assassin’s Creed III is a massive but underwhelming adventure

Assassin’s Creed 3 peaks in areas I least expected, such as multiplayer, but hits new lows in the spots where it should have excelled, most notably story. Assassin’s Creed 3 is the weakest game in the series since the original, deriving from what made the series so great with its rich, story-driven gameplay, in favor of exploration and side content that I had very little interest to take part in.

“Well, it was good when I was a kid…” How nostalgia affects our opinions of games

I plug in my NES Toploader, caving to the craving to play one of my childhood favorites. Once the game starts up, usually after blowing in the cartridge a few times, I freak out when I see the start screen and hear the brilliant 8-bit music. Then, I start to play. I’m flooded with memories from my childhood. But, after a few minutes, I realize something: this game is terrible.

Is survival horror dead?

Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) was released in 1996 and presented an original blend of atmospheric storytelling, limited resources and complex puzzles. It’s wildly entertaining – albeit horrifying – content, defined a new genre of gaming, one which Capcom dubbed ’Survival Horror’.

How Sony won the battle of E3

When Jack Tretton addressed the issue of used games and online authentication at Sony’s E3 Media Briefing, to rapturous applause, he was only taking jabs at the Xbox One, the knockout blow was still to come. When Sony unveiled that the PS4 would be $100 less than the Xbox One, Sony had won the battle of E3 and Microsoft’s hard work was undone.

Xbox One made me feel Micro – and really soft.

In essence, Microsoft’s E3 showing was impressive. I came in with the mindset of “all else equal.” Forget the DRM and the consumer restrictions for just a moment. No, I’m not an Xbox fanboy – I’m just a consumer trying to gauge which system to purchase within a reasonable budget. For a short while, it seemed like everyone was in awe. Like I said in one of my past posts – it’s all about the games.