Review: ZombiU

I never thought much about ZombiU prior to the launch of the Wii U.  It just seemed like another generic Zombie “survival/horror” FPS except with fancy Wii U controls.  In fact, I hadn’t even bothered to play the game until a month after launch.  At first I thought it was due to me being preoccupied with other Wii U games like New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. Looking back now, what kept me hesitant was that I saw a lot of Red Steel, Ubisoft’s launch title for the Wii, in the release of ZombiU.

Skywind: Morrowind in Skyrim’s Engine

If you didn’t know already the team behind Morroblivion (An Oblivion modification that ports Morrowind to the Oblivion engine) is at it again. They aim to bring to port Morrowind in Skyrim’s engine. This mod will include all quests, bloodmoon and Tribunal into the Skyrim engine. There is currently no planned release date for this mod yet.

The Cave Review

What is the thing that you desire? That is the questions that the cave puts to you. The Cave the most resent game from Double Fine from the minds of the great collaborating team that brought us games such as Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer.

The Wii U Bounces Back

What more could owners of the Wii U possibly ask for? Nintendo has successfully convinced me today that I need to buy a Wii U because of all the fantastic games on the system’s horizon and has probably drawn in the crowds of those who were skeptical of buying the console. In a year that I feared the Wii U would tumble and get lost in all the news concerning the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles, I’m not so fearful of its future and I’m left craving one and not detesting one.

Will Tiger Woods 14 be a swing and a miss?

Since 98 we have had the yearly release of the Tiger Woods game series but in the last couple of years the games have really began to show how good they are. Most sports games only ever have small changes, which we can all agree is something we cannot change as sport never really changes. But over the last couple of years the Tiger Woods series has tried to move away from this and change. The most notable change of the last couple of years in the Tiger Woods “Legacy Mode” this mode was something that gave you the opportunity to take controller of Tiger before he was the excellent and world class golfer that we all know so well. That was in 2013 but lets not forget that the year before we saw the first introduction of the Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Club (as well as the first time that Tiger himself was not on the box)

Coming Soon! 1/21/2013 – ish

Ever wonder what’s being dumped unto the shelves of video game stores every week? Wonder no more! Karli Winata will attempt to bring to light the many retail releases that come out each week. Won’t you join him in his self torture? Check out what’s coming out on the week of 1/21/2013.

Propose This!

About this new proposal that was recently submitted; I don’t know how this new bill would benefit anyone other than the ESRB. Proposing fines wouldn’t change anything and again, would only benefit the ESRB. I don’t have a problem with my former employers benefitting and growing in an ever-changing digital world. I just don’t see how this is different than what is already there, other than forcing everyone who makes games to have no other choice but use the ESRB rating system. Apple and Google have their own ratings systems so this proposal, if it were to go through, would force Apple and Google to use the ESRB rating, right? I don’t know. Now, do I have a problem with every game being rated by the ESRB? Absolutely not. In fact I think every game should use the rating system because It is most widely recognized and most trusted games rating system. Don’t believe me? Go and find the hard facts and studies that prove it. Need your own proof? Look at the recent rating mishap with the NRA app. A mistake like that would never happen at the ESRB. I propose these 4 ideas…

God of War: Origins Collection Review

As standalone games, both Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta were fantastic games that defined the PSP throughout its generation. With the PS3 ports, you get to experience them all over again with HD visuals, trophies, DualShock controls, and even have the chance to play the games in 3D! Telling you to buy this game is easy because you should for its now dirt-cheap price tag.