Pokemon Blue: A Retro Rant (Review)

(Author’s Note: I feel I must preface this review by clearly stating how vital this game was to both myself and my peers as a whole while first delving into the electronic entertainment medium. You’ll note I’ll actually use personal pronouns to emphasize the fact that this review has bias. All that being said, I implore those who never got the chance growing up to partake in this exceptional franchise to take a few hours away from being an adult and introduce yourself to a land of complex collection and near-perfect world crafting that caused an RPG renaissance, known world-wide as Pokémon. This is the first of three posts to follow, so stay tuned right here!)

Max Payne 3: A journey into frustration and enjoyment

So, I just finished Max Payne 3 on Xbox 360, Rockstar's latest entry into a series that I hadn't played previously. I ran through the game on 'old school' aim settings and it took a lot of getting used to. The aiming system could use some work and was somewhat frustrating…but when I got a head shot off it was all the more exhilirating because of it. There is a great 'Last Stand' feature that kicks in when Max is just about to die…if you manage to kill the character that fatally shot you, you are granted a second wind. Max is also addicted to pain pills that the player finds hidden in medicine cabinets throughout the game.

Gaming’s Greatest “Epic Misquotes”

Let's be honest for a minute. The concept of trolling may be under a decade old, getting the internet hot under the collar is an art form. As gamers we've had our fair share of misdirected hating, but heck, what's a few more angry status updates. Here's 5 user-created pics that will have everyone on your friends list ready to step up on their digital soap-box – just make sure to enjoy the show when they do! 

The Death of Nintendo Power, or How the Internet Ruined the Rumor

Many have heard the news of Nintendo Power's impending demise with great sadness and recollection. Like most of you, I remember a time when a copy of Nintendo Power was like an Indiana Jones style treasure; inside the thin, glossy pages of that magazine were untold secrets and powers. Of course, Nintendo Power isn't the only print news outlet to wither and die in recent years. Across the entire spectrum of journalism, print media are suffering, and of course, the big, bad Internet is to blame. But I think that while the end of print media is unfortunate, what the Internet has really destroyed is something few have considered: the rumor.

Making Rayman Legends Legendary

With the upcoming Wii U's game library expanding more and more as time passes, I doubt any game on the system could hold a candle to the excitement of Rayman Legends. A direct sequel to one of the best platformers of 2011, with new mechanics and updated graphics? How could this game not be one of the most celebrated games of the year?

Runescape: Teaching gamers the fundamentals of MMORPG’s

   Many young gamers find themselves in a situation where for one reason or another, they are unable to get their hands on or otherwise run the major MMORPG games such as Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, ect. Many of these aspiring gamers end up on a free to play ( well free unless you want members, but well get there later) mmorpg game called Runescape. The game is browser based, and the requirments for the game make it playable on almost any computer made in the past decade. These qualities make it appealing to many gamers still without their own personal pc, or without a computer able to handle more graphic intesive games such as the ones mentioned earlier. 

Do he New Mario Games Mark the Beginning of the End of an Era?

    Marios first appearance came in the arcades in 1981 when he was a part of the game Donkey Kong. The mario series starring mario was introduced back in 1985 with Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo entertainment system. Mario's first game struck a cord with fans of almost all ages, it became an almost cult following that still lives on to this day. Everyone watched as the series was driven to new heights by the features introduced in Super Mairo Bros 3.  The new ability to fly at any time which you could fill the P meter made the game seem much less linear. It gave the player a sense of adventure, like something could be hiding in the sky right above them at any time that was just out of sight.

Shopping treatment might actually be therapeutic

There’s a phenomenon known as “shopping therapy” or “retail treatment,” where people go shopping to feel better about them or getting something to perk up their self-esteem. Regardless of the dangers of getting addicted, shopping therapy does appear to work in some cases.