Sharing Is Caring

Let me start by saying I LOVE gamers. They are (generally) a uniquely creative brand of people who truly get into the art of video games and if I had it my way I would personally thank every hardcore nerd out there for helping further the industry. That being said, I feel the need to discuss my biggest qualm with them: their lack of true community.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

You can really tell what crowd a person runs in by how they define the word “Party.” Some think of drug filled raves while even more thinks of quaint social gathering between peers. Me? I think of games. Some of the most hilarious and entertaining moments of my life have been spent in a party in a great video game. It is my opinion that any action can be enjoyed to a higher degree when you are surrounded by people who enjoy it as well. And, lets be honest, why sit around with friends discussing wine when you can destroy an armored car with  a RPG?!

Becoming a professional video game jounalist

I have done lots of research concerning this topic because  i care allot about video games; I have been playing them since i was five. I have grown to respect the creators that made these titles. Knowing that is is going to take allot of hard work and dedication to ninja my way into becoming a “professional video game journalist, I love to write about video games, taking about them and creating video content. It is my passion it is what i live on earth to do.

Top games that are coming to iOS

We have had a lot of great PC games in various categories, rocking our entertainment world. With the rise of powerful portable devices like iPad and Android phones, these games are being ported to those devices, making us enjoy adventuring once more in such worlds but this time while we are anywhere on Earth. Most notable games that are coming to iOS and that I would like to talk about are the following:

Equip: Yes or No

What weapons would be in your ultimate arsenal? A R.Y.N.O, lightsaber, and repulsor armor sound like you’d be invincible. But that all depends on how the game world is balanced. Are weapons seen as an extension of the protagonist’s abilities, personality and skills or are they tools necessary to reach the next stage?

Transistor impressions – shining bright on stage

It’s because of Bastion that my expectations for Supergiant Game’s next title, Transistor, have been extremely high. It had all the makings of being something special but as we know, it can be difficult to capture that same magic twice. After what felt like a long wait, Transistor is finally out in the wild on PS4 and PC but is it another homerun for the gang at Supergiant?

Console gaming is approaching an evolutionary dead end

The “next gen” consoles are now current generation, and sales have been fairly disappointing. The largest problem is a two pronged attack from the worlds of mobile and PC gaming. Mobile gaming has completely decimated the Japanese home console market. At the same time, the gap between console and PC gaming performances at the time of a new console generation release is at an all time high. Consoles are striving more than ever to be like the modern PC, but at the rate technology advances that’s a fruitless endeavor.

The rise of competitive platforming games opens new avenues for multiplayer gaming

The popular styles of multiplayer video games have seen minimal change over the last couple generations. First-person shooters, MMORPGs, and strategy games (recently including MOBAs) still thrive in the marketplace despite the popular leaders of the genres–namely Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends respectively–forcing competing titles to conform to their established formulas and styles, thus leading to a stagnant industry of followers rather than revolutionaries. At the same time, with the rising popularity of indie games, more unique approaches to multiplayer gameplay have had the opportunity to shine as well, in titles as diverse as Castle Crashers, Minecraft, and Towerfall. Gameplay conventions are at last being eschewed in favor of updated, refined, or altogether reimagined mechanics, resulting in delightful new styles of social gaming.

Review: Shovel Knight – An indie love letter to retro platformers

Shovel Knight is an indie 2D platformer from Yacht Club Games for the 3DS, WiiU, and PC. This marks the developers first release. The game uses 8-bit graphics, and the gameplay is a throwback to old-school NES platformers like Mega Man, Ducktales, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Castlevania. The soundtrack reflects that same sentiment with a robust lineup of chiptune beats. Difficulty steals the show however, proving itself to be every bit as punishingly hard as the games it homages. There are one-hit kill spikes, pitfalls, and enemies created for the sole purpose of making you set the controller down and count to 10. Anyone with a low tolerance for losing should turn back now. This is going to be a rough ride folks, but if you stick with it the feeling of accomplishment is worth it.

Nintendo: Schadenfreude sells

In the age of online gaming, games that focus on solid local multiplayer are becoming less common. As fun as it is to play with friends from around the world, nothing beats having the gang all in one place for the purpose of fun. Luckily, Nintendo is there to bring us great “couch co-op,” and nobody knows the appeal of schadenfreude like the big N.

How do you define your favorite game?

Maybe you are self aware and don’t struggle with this topic, I envy you and hate you in equal measure. But there are times when crafting a Top 5 list that I don’t know the answer. I spent thousands of hours playing videogames, watching movies and reading comics. If I transferred that energy, it would be enough to power every iPad in the world for 237 years. I’m pretty sure that’s accurate…I spent more time watching Dragon Ball Z than studying physics so it could go either way.

Indie games are more important than ever.

The proliferation of professional level video game engines through the internet has lead to a massive influx of indie games. There are thousands of indie games for sale over the internet now. Most are still of the quality often associated with the indie scene, but just like the corporate games market, there are legitimately great games that rise above the others to become popular and successful. Seeing an increase in the number of quality indie titles is great because they are needed now more than ever before in the gaming industry.

Video games, seizures, and why I burned my son’s ‘Call of Duty’ shirt

It was 5:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning when I heard the sound that caused both my husband and I to lurch out of bed and make a beeline for our 13-year-old son’s bedroom. Turning on his lamp to bring light to the room at dawn, I began the routine of quoting aloud Bible verses that came to mind and practicing commanding whatever was causing his body to seize to come out of him in Jesus’ name – just like Christ did in Mark 9 after his disciples failed to do so for another boy having a seizure.

How Nintendo is different.

Nintendo stays Nintendo and that’s what makes them different from other gaming companies. It feels like they’ll never change at their core, but  why change what isn’t broken? The company’s steadfastness to the Nintendo mentality means that when they do make a change to something, it’s not a case of “because we can” but  an enhancement to their game in some way.