Nintendo Rewards my Loyalty

Tonight I sat and thought about how I wanted games like Castle Crashers, A Kingdom for Keflings and Penny Arcade 3&4 from Zeboyd games on my 3DS. Of course I know none of these game will come even though I would love this to happen. However, my loyalty to owning all three versions of Castle Crashers and two versions of Keflings has gotten me nothing, but a great game experience. Should loyalty be rewarded with gifts or cool things to show how much your appreciated with trinkets that you can’t buy anywhere else.

The Art of Death: My Dark Souls review

When Demon’s Souls first arrived back in 2009, few expected it to be such a surprise hit. Aside from its appealing aesthetics, ingenious level design, methodical combat, and numerous customization options, it boasted a brutal yet rewarding difficulty level the likes of which haven’t been seen since the days of the NES, and never did a game feel it did so as fairly as Demon’s Souls. Now, Dark Souls, its spiritual successor, seeks to take those same positive traits and add onto it substantially. How, you ask? By making it harder, more beautiful, deeper in its lore, and more open in terms of exploration and customization so that more people can enjoy it, that’s how. And it pulls it off splendidly. Dark Souls succeeds where Demon’s Souls fell short, and ultimately becomes the better game because of it.

‘Make it Rain’ app: The secret to its $50K per day success

I first heard about the notorious app called “Make it Rain: The Love of Money” by Space Inch, LLC, while blithely scrolling through my email and seeing a headline from Business Insider about the app making $50,000 per day in ad revenue and in-app purchases. Several days later, I’d see it in action, in the hands of a 5th-grade student as I chaperoned a school trip to Cincinnati.

The Long War mod: why you should be playing XCOM again

For those of you who don’t know, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based strategy game that was released back in 2012. The original game placed you as the commander, the one in charge of organizing earth’s final defense against the alien invaders. Fast forward a few and XCOM Enemy Within is released. This incredible expansion pack (not DLC), adds many cool new additions to the original game, such as mech troopers, or genetically enhanced super soldiers, along with a new campaign and a new enemy to face. The only thing XCOM was missing after Enemy Within was, well, more XCOM. However, a genius group of modders have released a mod titled Long War.

I Just Played: Audiosurf 2

What a game! I’ve always been a particular fan of music based games. I don’t know its just something about playing an addictive game that conforms to the music you want it to play. This is very different from just playing any game and having iTunes open in the background. So let’s get on with it…