I Hate You Lawrence Barrett

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of my favorite games I’ve played this year. It combines great stealth mechanics, a great ascetic, cool RPG elements, and an interesting story together into a very compelling package, but with one very large flaw.

Wicked Crush – Kickstarter

     Taking the tried and true action-platforming antics of classic Megaman and Castlevania and melding it with asynchronous social aspects of Little Big Planet and Demon’s Souls is the barebones high concept of Wicked Crush. Taking the reins for the programming and design is Billy Monks, a virtual unknown, who will be accompanied by Ryan Miller, most likely known for his animation work on Skullgirls.

First Impression of Air Mech

Air Mech is an RTS style battle arena game currently in the open beta stage.  There are several game modes like survival, PvP and coop and many more.  you start out with a main base that you need to defend or else you will win the game and in PvP modes or Coop and others you have to defend to stay alive and attack to win. There are several types of different units and you can use these to your advantage by spawning them and airdropping them with your mech. The mech can fly and walk around to attack ground units. There are several different types of mechs which tend to specialize in either combat against other mechs and units or like the osprey and helicopter mechs that tend to specialize in in airdropping units on the ground and more of a non combat offensive role.

Numbers vs. skill: My problem with number-based combat

I’m pretty sure I’ll get a lot of flak for this statement, but I think number-based combat is a horrible idea. In case you’re not angry yet, that means I don’t particularly care for the combat in: Diablo, World of Warcraft, and just about every other MMORPG you’ve ever played.

Freemium is the future-says EA

The freemium business model is going to be the market-leader, according to digital authorities speaking to UK trade site MCV. The model–whereby a games’ basic experience is free to play with purchase options also available–can be lucrative, claimed EA Interactive senior vice president and general manager Nick Earl.
“The future is not about one-

Meet the Mob: Erich Sherman

When I was in college, I studied film critique. Not heavily, my major was a general study of the media, but I seized any opportunity I could to dig into the messages and imagery a film presents. What may come as a surprise is I didn’t do this out of a love for film. I enjoyed film, but analyzing it wasn’t my ultimate goal. This was simply the closest analog I could find for studying video games on that level. I wanted to analyze video games, to look at games the way film critics look at film. Why? Well, gaming has been a part of me all my life.

“The Lighthouse” peers through the darkness of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

There is one video game song above all others that I enjoy on a regular basis. Whether blasting from my weathered stereo while driving late at night, or playing in the background as I move stealthily through the corridors and rooftops of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Time and again this track has been my go-to song for feeling like a badass, and to me is a sterling example of how far game music has come and how far it can go. I'm talking about "The Lighthouse" by Amon Tobin off of the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Soundtrack.

The Top 5 Gaming Podcasts

Podcasting is a relatively new medium, but it has already become a very important part of many peoples’ lives, and many podcasts have all but supplanted radio as the premier audio medium. Gaming in particular has enjoyed success in the field of podcasting, with a wide range of well-made and interesting podcasts to choose from. Here are some of the best ones.