When sequels go too far

Sequels have always been a huge part of the gaming industry and many other industries. This is because they are often easy cash-ins that require less effort than creating an entirely new intellectual property.

Dark Souls

                                                                     Dark Souls

Creative Movement

American Idol, America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars… WTF and Who Cares already.

New Borderlands 2 Trailer Breakdown

Gearbox Software released a new trailer for Borderlands 2. I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited about this game so I've watched the trailer several times. I may as well break it down. Here's a link so you can follow along:

How Music in Games Can Subtract From the Experience You Want to Have

Whether you think about it or not, music and sound in video games goes a long way towards setting the mood for an entire experience. An example that I always find myself coming back to is Resident Evil 4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28frFarV6oE) which I found much easier to play through certain areas while muted. Music, when combined with sound can make or break your experience in a bunch of different ways. It can and will change your perception of a game.

The Hidden Gamers of The World

Just about every friday i go to a Magic The Gathering tournament for the TCG version of the game. About every friday there are anywhere from 35 to 50 people there. Just about noone there i recognize from my school or people i know so it makes me think, where are the rest of these gamers whether there playing video games on the computer, consoles or just regular tabletop games. In my time of schooling i have seen lots of groups of kids playing Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and handheld games. Even though i play those games openly, when i go near them and when anyone else goes near them they hide the fact that they are playing these games. So it makes me wonder just how many hidden gamers that are out there who are just scared to tell or show people that they are playing these games, whether they are just nervous about it because they dont want people to think differently of them. I even used to be like this but then i got to a point where i didnt give a shit about what people thought so now i am open about my gaming hobbies and people can suck it if they have a problem with it. So I would like to know if there are any hidden gamers out there who are reading this and if so, leave a comment and we will get in touch and play a game or two one day and ill show you that its okay to broadcast it, it can even help you make new friends.

“Windy”, the Steamboat Willie of Gaming

There's something about Steamboat Willie that can't be described as much as experienced. It's a seamless story told only by sound effects, music, and animation that still stands as one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Here, Mickey Mouse uses his wit and the world of cartoon physics to his great advantage, a style that has only recently been revisited by Warren Spector in the Epic Mickey series.

Gamers start petitioning for Majora’s Mask remake on Wii U

Recently, a teams of industry veterans created what we can only call a mouthwatering teaser for a remake of The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask of Wii U. The bizarre title gathered much love from a significant part of Zelda fans, and the team behind the trailer is currently pitching the game to Nintendo, hoping they will accept to let them pursue the project.

Remakes: Do it Right

Remakes. The idea of them seems like a cash-in, cop-out, or uninspired move by a publisher or developer. Yet, gamers are constantly clamoring for remakes of games like Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and many others. Personally, I would be drooling at the prospect of a remake of Final Fantasy X, my all-time favorite game that I tragically played almost 10 years after release, ruining any illusions that this game was technically impressive, even if it was at the time.

Dress Up with Prepare for A Halloween Game

Halloween is one of the most famous festivals in North America, Ireland, and Scotland. It has many interesting activities especially ‘trick or treat’ game. It means children go to any house; the host must give them with something like candy or money.