Resistance – a generation of FPS in a nutshell

Recently, Sony prematurely pulled the online support plug on all three Resistance games. In doing so it became apparent the series never quite reached the popularity their creators intended them to, but the guys at Insomniac Games did manage to achieve something special. A look back at the evolution of Resistance looks like a cross-section of all of last generation of first person shooters.

A young father’s Minecraft Pocket Edition confessions

Being a gamer and a father is a time consumer. The father role has absolutely pushed things I considered fun further away from reality. Even though it’s nothing I would exchange for the other it’s still mind-blowing to understand that games like Minecraft have just sped right past me leaving me with absolutely no possibility to understand the concept as pictures don’t tell a thousand words in this case. The default graphics are awful; a real turn off in other words.

A girl named Luka…

I ended up being pleasantly surprised by Lightning Returns.  The previews for it looked strange, almost indecipherable.  Everything from the combat to the tone of the story seemed radically changed from the past games in the series.  It looked like an entirely different kind of game, one that might not contain what I had liked about the last two games.  I bought it with no small amount of trepidation, wondering if I had just wasted my $60.