Final Fantasy III – (‘Dear Square-Enix, please don’t remake Final Fantasy 6 like this’)

It’s a bit of a shame for die-hard Final Fantasy fans in the West that they will probably never get to play the original Final Fantasy III. Every other installment in the RPG series has made it to Western shores in more-or-less their original form, either on Playstation, Gameboy Advance or as a downloadable title. For the third entry of the series, however, Square Enix skipped the direct porn and instead opted for a 3D remake on the Nintendo DS. Was this a good idea? Well, yes and no is the rather frustrating answer.

Videogames x Art = Rez

Ah, the age-old debate over whether or not video games can be considered ‘art’. This argument has raged since…well, since myself and my flat mate stayed up late one night and got a little drunk.  Something as derogatory as a video game tends to be ridiculed when it is suggested as an art form. This is generally because when the term video game arises, images of simplistic games like Super Mario or stupidly violent games like Call of Duty tend to arise. And while Rez does not necessarily settle this ‘video games as art’ debate, it certainly provides a rock-solid argument.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem – Paving the way for innovative survival horror

It doesn’t happen very often that you pick up a game which you’ve heard almost nothing about and are completely blown away by it. Games that good are usually talked about and become pretty mainstream. Therefore, when I picked up Eternal Darkness, which I had never heard of despite the fact it has been critically lauded , I was expecting a half decent survival horror and not much else. So, it was a pleasant surprise when it happened to be one of the best games I have ever played in my life and potentially paves the way for the definitive horror experience.

Gone Home: too mindless to be a good game, too expensive to be a good movie

Gone Home is one of those games that was bound to be divisive. In a gaming world populated almost entirely by open-world shooters – seriously, go check on Wikipedia how many of the best-rated games of recent years are “open world action-adventure” – it’s a highly non-standard gaming experience, and the themes (or rather, theme) that it explores are none too popular among mainstream gamers. Despite that, Gone Home seems to have gotten a lot of praise from major gaming websites, which is when you should start getting suspicious.

The pros and cons of buying a console at launch

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or waiting on the fun? With the Xbox One launching on November 22 here in the UK and the PlayStation 4 launching one week later on November 29, and with the Playstation 4 launching in less than a week in North America on November 15, the big question posed to gamers is: Will you be buying the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? It’s very much a two-horse race in the next generation console war between Sony and Microsoft, and getting a head-start out of the gates is of vital importance. The Xbox 360 launched a full year before the release of the PlayStation 3, and consequently the PS3 has never quite managed to catch up with the amount of Xbox 360 units that have been sold. Both launch within a week of each other this time around, though, and a lot of gamers around the world (including myself) won’t be able to afford both. Some may not be able to afford either.

Vintage Review: Classic Concentration

The Classic Concentration game show wasn’t particularly memorable for me during my childhood, but the video game version was because of the story behind it. Not the game’s story, but how I came to own the game. An eye exam ended and my ophthalmologist recommended an NES to help my poor hand/eye coordination. My now-late mother was all for anything that would do that, so we hit up a local pawn shop and picked up the system with three games – the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cart that every NES owner has had at least one copy of, Classic Concentration, and the Zapper light gun to play Duck Hunt. I’m not sure if that game did much to help my vision, but I remember my mother and I having a lot of fun playing with the dopey-looking characters. When she passed in ’09, I found the cartridge and decided to play the game again. While it’s not the game I most identify with her (that would be Vegas Stakes on the SNES – something I really should cover at some point), it’s the first game she and I ever played together and playing it without her brought about some good memories laughing at the character art and the fat-assed guy playing a piano to start the game.

Capcom is Considering the Future of Resident Evil — And So Should We

Resident Evil has been a roller coaster franchise throughout its 17 year history. The first Resident Evil gathered equal parts praise and sales figures after its release in 1996. Capcom marketed the game as a “survival horror” game, and that term has come to represent an entire genre. But that was an awful long time ago. Since Capcom is almost certainly developing a new installment, let’s take stock of recent events.

Review of Ethan: Meteor Hunter — consult your cardiologist before playing.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a new puzzle game and the first title from French indie game developer Seaven Studio. It hit the Playstation Store on October 22nd, and is also available for download from the game’s website here. Either can be yours for just $9.99. I was given a copy of the game to review, and decided to keep track of my first few hours in this spoiler-free (mostly…) virtual diary:

Episode One imbues Faith in The Wolf Among Us

After authoring the consensus Game of the Year with last year’s episodic adventure series The Walking Dead, Telltale Games no longer has the advantage of sneaking their next release under the radar. Ever since announcing that their next undertaking would be a series based on the Fables comic books by Bill Willingham, all eyes have been on them — it’s a tremendous amount of pressure.

Xbox One: I can’t wait…until Spring 2014!

With Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, less than a month away from release, I find myself surprisingly underwhelmed and it has nothing to do with the console itself.  In fact, I love everything I’ve seen so far when it comes to the Xbox One and what it has to offer consumers (me) from an entertainment and gaming standpoint.  The problem I’ve run up against is a fairly unimpressive list of launch titles in the initial months of the console’s production.  Combined with delays in major games like Watch Dogs and The Crew by Ubisoft, things aren’t looking great for Xbox fans at launch.  But, hope lingers on the horizon.  More specifically, Spring of 2014.

Fallout 4: Where is it? And when should I plan to shut my social life down for it?

Go ahead and type “Fallout 4″ in to a search engine. What will you find? Conjecture, rumor, anger, sadness, joy, legal issues, birth, death… all the ingredients for a great drama. I was trying to sift through all of this material to deliver a story based squarely on facts. Then I realized there are very little facts. So what do I do? I promised a feature, and I basically have no facts.  That hasn’t stopped millions of journalists before me, so I will tell you what I am going to do: I am going to use this feature as a platform to beg Bethesda for a new Fallout.

Top 20 games of this console generation

With the next console generation coming up quick, it’s natural to start thinking about all of the great games that were released during this extraordinarily long console generation. Because this console generation spanned eight years, it’s easy to forget about some of the gems were released a few years back. I have chosen 20 games that I feel were the best this generation had to offer.

5 Games with stories that are total rip-offs

Like with most works of pop-culture; a video game will have a story that borrows elements from one work as a tribute to its influence or acknowledge that its a modern retelling of a classic story. Than you have games that pretty much rip-off another work and try to pass it off as their own original content. Here are 5 games with stories that ripped off other great works.

Video Games: My Escape From Reality

When I think back to some of the most troubled times in my life I remember wanting to get away from it all.  I remember wanting to escape the ensuing fate upon which I had fallen, but life offered no medication to alleviate my dissatisfaction.  Do you want to know how I dealt with those situations?  I played video games.  They offered me a chance to work through my distress and gave me a way to leave it all behind for a few hours.