Mass Effect rewritten, also now a point and click adventure game

What you are about to read is very high level. There are so many details left out that it won’t seem like a game could come of it. But I assure you, games have spawned from far less. It’s at this point I mention I’ve not played, read, or watched any videos of Mass Effect 3. Well, I watched the first announcement trailer with that British fella in the clock tower, but that was it. Also note that what I’m proposing does not follow the current Mass Effect timeline.

In the Shadow of Giants III

Shadow of the Colossus is a critically acclaimed and widely praised video game released by Team Ico in 2005. It was re-released as a high definition remaster in 2011 for the Playstation 3. The game tells the story of a young man named Wanda and his quest to bring a young girl back to life. What follows is part 3 of my journey as Wanda – what we saw, what we felt, our motivations, feelings and our wonder of the forbidden land that we found ourselves in.

Story and Effect

            Throughout our history as humans, we find a common theme throughout cultures, races, and even times. People have always told stories. It is who we are. Whether it was the Greeks telling legends about their gods, Romans telling war stories about their legionnaires, Colonials telling stories about how bad life was in England, Indians sharing knowledge through stories of spirits and family, or modern day people telling stories about anything through books, movies, or video games, storytelling remains a constant throughout civilization.

Indie Gaming with Towns: Become a mini-GOD!

Floating above your small village of loyal subjects, you look to the north and see a rampaging group of Goblin Chiefs running towards your village. Your entire town is about to be slaughtered without your guidance, but your coffee kettle just went off so… best of luck to them!

How Do You Do, Mr. Molydeux?

Today marks the beginning of one of the oddest events in recent gaming culture. Imagine, if you will, a 48 hour game jam inspired by the spoof twitter account of an eccentric game developer, with participants all around the world developing his absurd concepts into real games. My friends, allow me to reveal to you that such an event is happening: right here, right now – the global phenomenon that is Molyjam 2012.

MMO’s and Reality

Don't get me wrong i love MMORPG's like the next poor soul, but for the love of me i cant find the time to do anything worth doing. I currently work an average of 70 hours a week, and i get home at sometime around 8pm. All i want to do is collapse on my computer and see what the guild has to offer today in the way of flashpoints or raids. Low and behold the very guy i was helping level yesterday has surpassed me by 10 levels or so.

When TV gets video games wrong – The Big Bang Theory

When The Big Bang Theory first started, I was a big fan of the show. As a nerd, I could relate to the characters, I knew someone who, while maybe not as brilliant as Sheldon, was certainly as annoying. Leonard’s distant worship of the girl next door was a trap I had fallen into many times. Perhaps best of all, there was science, robots and pop culture references aplenty. ​ Now, however, it just seems to be taking random themes from the world of nerditry, getting a random combination then putting them in a blender till something that’s no longer recognizable but easy for the masses to drink comes out.

Has Call of Duty gotten “too” mainstream? & Will Black Ops 2 break MW3’s sales record?

Anyone that follows Call of Duty news should know that the most recent installment Modern Warfare 3 or MW3 broke video game launch sales records last year. At a staggering 6.5 million copies sold in the first 24 hours this was the biggest entertainment launch of all time. It predecessor Call of Duty Black Ops was the previous record holder and Modern Warfare 2 before that…

Journey: The Fastest-Selling PSN Game To Date

The Creative Director of thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen, was fairly excited this morning in his post on the Playstation Blog, with the announcement that Journey is PSN's Fastest-Selling Game since the Playstation Store became operational—this includes both first-party and third-party games on the store. Here is some of what Mr. Chen had to say about their success:

Eriq007’s Mass Effect 3 rEview

It’s hard to talk about the end of the Mass Effect trilogy without overly dissecting the ending, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

The Use of Gravity in Video Games

With the wind violently tussling through your hair, you look upon your obligatory enemy for just a micro-second as an impending cargo container falls from the heavens toward your face. You shuffle like a linebacker during a flea flicker trying to avoid boxes, airplane seat beats, and the occasional bullet from a fearless Syndicate .45 caliber.

From controller to keyboard… and back again

Ever since I was a kid  I was arguing with my brother that Mario is better than Sonic, or trying to convince my peers that I could complete Mega man with my eyes closed and my hands behind my back. I had played nothing but console games, transitions were of course the same for a lot of people I'm sure. Mine went as follows:

Videogames..Stop Making Me Feel Things

Late last year I wrote our "Coming in 2012" article that culminated with my declaration that Journey from thatgamecompany was my most anticipated title of the early gaming season. After playing through it the other day I know without a shadow of a doubt that it was the right choice. Journey has come at a very interesting time of my life. I am getting married in a month and just this past week started writing my vows. Now, I am pretty good at expressing my feelings but having to actually write them down gave me pause and made me choose very measured and thoughtful words when deciding what to say to my future wife. It made me think about many things: promises made and kept, future and past mistakes and most importantly life, death and all the small moments in between. Journey is about all those things and more, and this is what has both drawn me to it and has also made it one of my all-time favorite games

Sumioni Review

At first glance, Sumioni: Demon Arts seemed like it had what it took to become a cult favorite. It’s a side-scrolling platformer that stands out among the Vita’s early lineup. The Japanese ink wash painting art and characters are evocative of the painterly splendor of Okami, and with colorful, screen-filling bosses and the end of most levels. And perhaps most intriguing of all, it’s one of the first PlayStation Vita games in which the touchscreen is integral to the mechanics; as anyone who played Kirby: Canvas Curse years ago can attest, it’s often more fun to draw your own path than to walk on the one given to you. However, I’m sad to report that after an enjoyable first hour, Sumioni runs out of tricks. At this point, it can barely sustain my interest, much less hold a candle to Okami.

In the Shadow of Giants II

This is a follow up to my first narrative "In the Shadow of Giants" which can be found here or here, depending on the blogging platform you prefer! It follows the beginning of Wanda's journey – the initial cutscenes through to the defeat of the first Colossus, Valus. I encourage you to read it first!

Reviewers Should Finish Games

Would you respect a review for "Raiders of the Lost Ark" from a film critic that only watched half the movie? I suspect the answer is no. Like movies, the creation and development of a video game takes time. Thousands of hours accumulated over years of work. So why is it, with what appears to be frequent regularity, video-games journalists sometimes do not actually play a game to “completion” before passing judgement on the finished product?  

The Top 3 Ways of Spoiling Games for Yourself.

As a hard – working student, with no time for a job, I often find that when a big game gets released, I have no money to get it straight away. Instantly, I'm stricken with a dilemma. How do I avoid finding out details about the game until I've performed enough hard labor, odd jobs and assasinations to aquire it? 

Mass Effect 3

            The square root of 912.04 is 30.2.

Endurance is a cornerstone of mediocrity

If anyone were to peek into my life right now—or peek through my window enough times—they'd see a very boring person. For the past few days, I have been sat at my desk, watching as Forza 3 plays itself.

The Soul of Video Games: Art Direction

You are reading this article right now with a most remarkable construct – the human eye. Even the great Charles Darwin was confounded by the complexity (and although he didn’t use this word, the awesomeness) of the human eye at first, imagining that something crafted so magnificently was near impossible for natural selection to produce. He ended up agreeing that in the end, natural selection was even more powerful than the organized chaos of cells and signals that make up our eyes and that to reach this stage – to see the way we see today – it would have taken millions and millions of years of slight refinement. In the same way the eye evolves, so does the technology behind video games. Slight refinements to the technology bring about great improvements to the video games. If we look back forty years, the technology of the day only permitted us to view simple white lines. Perhaps this is what our early, early ancestor’s saw when they crawled out of the primordial ooze. Perhaps they were directed by simple flashes of white. I used the example of the human eye because now, video game technology has accelerated to the point where we are rapidly approaching complete and accurate replication of human vision. If Sir Charles was around today, can you imagine how long that beard would be? I am sure he would be amazed.

Games Journalism

Bear with me people of the interwebs for this is my very first post, well besides facebook, which doesn't really count. I am a high school graduate living in Whistler, British Columbia and ever since I saw my very first fan feedback on g4tv a few years ago I've wanted to become a video games journalist. The way that those guys can put words to something that I never felt could be described out loud was just awesome! 

The world needs a new Road Rash title

Remember the Road Rash franchise, EA’s violent motorcycle racing series? Well, I think it’s exactly what the gaming industry needs right now. It’s time for a re-imagining of Electronic Art’s classic franchise.

In the Shadow of Giants

Shadow of the Colossus is a critically acclaimed and widely praised video game released by Team Ico in 2005. It was re-released as a high definition remaster in 2011 for the Playstation 3. The game tells the story of a young man named Wanda and his quest to bring a young girl back to life. What follows is a narrative of my journey as Wanda – what we saw, what we felt, our motivations, feelings and our wonder of the forbidden land that we found ourselves in.

An outsiders plan on getting into the industry

Depending on how you use it Twitter can be a fantastic tool. Some people use it to talk with friends, others use it for business. I use it to find and communicate with people who share the same interests. Those people might be real life friends, people I've met in multiplayer games, or developers and journalists I found via the service. Over the last three years I've learned a few things about people, specifically those I want to work with or for. I'm going to drop some knowledge so pay attention.

Why wannabe game designers wanna be game designers in high school, (well two of them)

About a week ago I decided I wanted to be a video game journalist, realizing I'm going to be pretty shit at it in the beginning I'm starting early, high school to be exact. I probably lost allot of you by now so I'll get to it. I always kind of wondered what people who make games are like, not knowing any people who make games and being pretty lazy I settled for two of my classmates who wanted to be game designers. I asked them ten questions that I thought might be relevant. I wouldn't want to misrepresent my fellow students so these are their exact word for word answers.

Double Fine’s Big Adventure

Video games don’t get the attention they deserve — except on sites like this, of course.  In the dailies, they share no space beside film and television.   In the weeklies, they have no place alongside music and the arts.  The best a humble game could ever hope for in a newspaper is an occasional review or a write-up in the yearly holiday buyer’s guide.