A Link Between Worlds is the best game EVER

Note: I’ve been getting quite a few angry responses to my Most Overrated Games of 2013 article. People have been making very good points, like: how can you claim that a game is overrated if critics say that it’s a great game? Or, how can you claim to be a gamer when you don’t like the same games as everyone else? Well, I am nothing if not open to criticism, so I have decided to give a totally honest positive review of a 2013 game that everyone else liked. Because after all, no one reads these articles to get a different opinion, right?

Gone Home review

Two things you need not worry about while reading this review are spoilers or me jumping into the asinine debate about whether or not Gone Home is a game. With those bases covered, let’s talk about what different types of gamers may take away from the Gone Home experience.

The standard is free to play – but does it work?

With a lot of talk and endless discussion about the standard of pricing for MMO’s it comes as no surprise that gamers expect the standard practice to be free to play. Who wouldn’t? In this age of gaming with prices forever increasing, every one of us is out to secure the best bargain and we want to know we are not just sinking monthly subscriptions into a game that will flop somewhere down the line.

Modern disaster: Corporate gaming enterprise

In the past decade, an unprecedented amount of growth has developed in the gaming industry. As the Entertainment Software Association reports, in 2013, 51% of Americans play video games, 32% of which play social games. In a society where making connections has become a staple in communication and industry, I find it particularly odd and unsettling that where communication is the most important for gamers – from player to developer – a new culture has emerged that defies the typical structure and openness of software developers.

Ryse: Son of Rome review – Glory to Rome

With the Xbox One now on store shelves, if you’re looking for a game that will show off the horsepower under the hood of the black box, Ryse: Son of Rome will certainly help you out. Graphics are not everything however, so does the gameplay hold up as well? Lets have a better look in this review for Ryse: Son of Rome.

Final Fantasy XIV: My experience

After two months of playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, I have finally leveled my first character to the max level of 50. I had some good times, bad times, fun moments, and irritations. My hope is to give insight to potential players so you can decide if the game is right for you.

Peggle 2 review

In many ways Peggle 2 is inferior to its first installment. There’s only five characters to the first game’s 11. The multiplayer that made the first Peggle on Xbox Live a success is now almost unplayable due to bugs and crashes. There’s no penalty for quitting multiplayer matches, and, worst of all, there’s no duel mode. In spite of all of its problems, Peggle 2 — when it works — is still superior to the first game, if just barely.

Most overrated games of 2013

2013 may very well go down in history as the year of the overrated game. I haven’t seen so much pretentious mediocrity being passed off as a masterpiece since the days of grunge. Don’t get me wrong: this year was pretty bad all around in terms of not only video games, but also TV and movies. Still, critical overhype this year seems to have gotten worse than ever before.

America is too violent for video games

In Grand Theft Auto 5 there’s a torture scene. It prompted some rote outrage, but the reaction was mostly subdued. Why? Because in America, we’re okay with torture. No one in charge of our torture program went to prison; they went on book tours and talk shows and bragged about their crimes. The current administration promised not to punish them. We didn’t even close Guantanamo Bay, our most notorious torture site, the symbol of our national disgrace. Americans can’t object to video game torture, we’d look like assholes.

Xbox One vs. PS

What would you prefer? Something that does more or something that does only one of those things? Obviously you would want to get the thing that does more. Xbox one has more features than PS4, it’s a fact. I am not going to lie PS4 is a very good console, but I just don’t see why to buy and I am going to show you my view-point.

DLC: Please, make it stop

Up until the explosion of online gaming and digital content, expansions and other forms of DLC had been irrelevant. Once you beat a game, that was it. It was over, done, finished. But now, that simply isn’t the case. It’s actually become somewhat of an abnormality for a game to not have DLC. In fact, I often find myself coming head to head with a game’s newest DLC expansion before I even have time to complete the main story line itself. Don’t get me wrong, I love extra content, especially if it’s within a game I thoroughly enjoy, but sometimes DLC diminishes a game’s overall experience. Keep reading to find out what it is that frustrates me about the latest DLC craze.