PlayStation 4: First impressions

I didn’t get my PlayStation 3 until 2010, so I thought I wasn’t ready for the next generation just yet. And, to be fair, I am still very happy with my PS3 and I think it has a lot of life left. But, when I played the PlayStation 4 for the first time and held that amazing new controller in my hands, I knew I made the right decision purchasing a PlayStation 4 at launch.

Gravity Rush: Make gravity your plaything in this enthralling third person beat-em up

The Playstation Vita has been in dire need of a killer app since its release. Sure it has console ports like Mortal Kombat and Rayman Origins, but nothing draw dropping besides Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Well I’m happy to say that’s about to change with Gravity Rush from SCE Japan Studio (Project Siren). Here’s what I thought of this physics breaking action title.

A step by step guide to creating a monstrous MyPlayer in NBA2K14

Hello, my name is Rory, and I am addicted to sports games. If you couldn’t tell from my review, I have a particular fondness for NBA 2K14. As we all prepare to start gorging ourselves on the best looking game ever made, it is important to note that we will all have to re-create our MyCareers. Since its release on October 1st, I have played the PS3 version religiously, reviewed it for two websites, and had to re-create several MyCareers due to each of my previous files getting corrupted at different career stages. This has allowed me to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So if you are looking to smash face on Friday, this is your guide.

Why the Amazon PlayStation Store could change console gaming

Amazon’s PlayStation Store rollout came out of nowhere – much like Typing of the Dead: Overkill, it was a stealth release no one really anticipated. Right now, it’s not really anything special. It’s just got launch titles for their retail prices along with some season passes, but you do get a $5 PSN credit for buying some things. However, the potential for it is to become a content delivery method akin to Steam, Desura, and Amazon’s PC download section where competition breeds lower prices. Amazon’s PC game download branch has been remarkably forward-thinking by reaching out to the gaming community for ideas on sales, and it’s resulted in them having some big sales on Steam-activated games in-between the usual Steam mega sales. It allowed PC gaming to flourish in ways never before imagined – and it’s at least partially due to the Humble Bundle starting, creating a slew of like-minded bundle deals, and driving down the cost of PC games as a whole.

Chrono Trigger – “It’s not THAT good”

I get the strange, irrepressible feeling that someday, someone is going to question why I never review any games that have come out in the current year. Well, to that person I’d like to say it’s partly because I like destroying the innocence of people’s game-related childhood memories, and also partly because I just like how wholesome older games are in a modern context, in that they are simple affairs that don’t worry about things like online multiplayer, DLC or gratuitous amounts of mega violence.

Metal Gear Solid – original vs. remake

In 1998, a new genre was born with the arrival of Metal Gear Solid, the game that effortlessly defined virtual stealth action and brought it into the mainstream. A huge commercial success, the game has a loyal fan base that is well-earned due to its incredibly cinematic story, well implemented action and also quirky break-the-fourth-wall humor. In 2004, the success of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty prompted a remake of the first game. This version implemented the control scheme from MGS2 , as well as improved graphics, new voice acting and a very distinct cinematic style.

Videogames x Art = Rez

Ah, the age-old debate over whether or not video games can be considered ‘art’. This argument has raged since…well, since myself and my flat mate stayed up late one night and got a little drunk.  Something as derogatory as a video game tends to be ridiculed when it is suggested as an art form. This is generally because when the term video game arises, images of simplistic games like Super Mario or stupidly violent games like Call of Duty tend to arise. And while Rez does not necessarily settle this ‘video games as art’ debate, it certainly provides a rock-solid argument.

Gone Home: too mindless to be a good game, too expensive to be a good movie

Gone Home is one of those games that was bound to be divisive. In a gaming world populated almost entirely by open-world shooters – seriously, go check on Wikipedia how many of the best-rated games of recent years are “open world action-adventure” – it’s a highly non-standard gaming experience, and the themes (or rather, theme) that it explores are none too popular among mainstream gamers. Despite that, Gone Home seems to have gotten a lot of praise from major gaming websites, which is when you should start getting suspicious.

Vintage Review: Classic Concentration

The Classic Concentration game show wasn’t particularly memorable for me during my childhood, but the video game version was because of the story behind it. Not the game’s story, but how I came to own the game. An eye exam ended and my ophthalmologist recommended an NES to help my poor hand/eye coordination. My now-late mother was all for anything that would do that, so we hit up a local pawn shop and picked up the system with three games – the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cart that every NES owner has had at least one copy of, Classic Concentration, and the Zapper light gun to play Duck Hunt. I’m not sure if that game did much to help my vision, but I remember my mother and I having a lot of fun playing with the dopey-looking characters. When she passed in ’09, I found the cartridge and decided to play the game again. While it’s not the game I most identify with her (that would be Vegas Stakes on the SNES – something I really should cover at some point), it’s the first game she and I ever played together and playing it without her brought about some good memories laughing at the character art and the fat-assed guy playing a piano to start the game.