Does Duke Nukem deserve to exist?

It has been over a year since Duke Nukem Forever finally came out, but I only just recently managed to sit down and play through the entire demo without trying to jump out a window…more than three times. During the moments I wasn’t trying to attempt suicide, I began to question why this game was actually released. I don’t mean in the state it is in, though that is a problem as well, but why it was ever released at all.

Bitmob Writing Challenge: Extra Credit Collected Works

Video games and education have had a complex relationship, and I asked the Bitmob community to write about them for last month’s Bitmob Writing Challenge. These five entries cover a range of topics such as the true success of a classic “edutainment” title, what we can learn from playing puzzle games, what kids can learn from playing first-person shooters, and more. While you won’t be quizzed on these stories, they are still required reading.