It’s good that Curiosity is free, since progress is optional

Curiosity is driving me insane. Peter Molyneux's new studio 22Cans just released its first project, a mobile game called Curiosity — What's inside the cube. The idea is that players around the world are working together to chip away at the layers of a massive spinning cube. Even though it takes a planet to deconstruct it, only one lucky player will see the mystery hidden in the inner-most layer.

Someone is making a film about playing Dyad on mushrooms

I’m quite curious to see what it was like for freelance journalist Justin Amirkhani to ingest hallucinogenic mushrooms and play through PlayStation 3 title Dyad. He’s launching a crowdsourced fundraiser to pay for the production costs of making a short film about the experience. Amirkhani even had the game’s creator, Shawn McGrath, reluctantly guide him through the trip. I suppose this is art.

Déjà doo-doo: Charting the chronic familiarity of video game landscapes

Had I been born in another age, chances are that I would have been an explorer. Once upon a time, our world was wrapped in magic and wonder. Nowadays, an airplane ticket and a few hours time can span oceans. And, if you’re really ambitious, you might venture a mouse click and a keystroke or two to reveal the particulars of your destination on the flight over.