Leaderboards are worthless

Hey, I’m a fairly competitive guy. And when I cranked up the new psychedelic not-a-shooter Dyad, I only wanted something closer to the last 20 minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey than the first 20 minutes of the famously awful Space Giraffe. Instead, I got rapid-fire positive reinforcement: my rankings on the Dyad leaderboards.

Customization gives players a voice in their games

Characters in video games have taken on stronger and more customizable roles as players have grown up over the years. For example, Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series has had to deal with universe-altering decisions (which players must make) that cater to morality and rationalism alike. This has, of course, contributed to the further development of game protagonists who are in positions of great authority — enabling them to have free reign over the fate of worlds and people.