Collector’s Edition games really aren’t that special

Recently, I picked up one of the 10,000 special edition copies of Persona 4: Golden. It was a pre-order-only item, and apparently they sold out across the U.S. mere moments after I switched my GameStop credit over to it. Well, the game's been out for two weeks now, and one thing's for certain: I haven't bothered to take any of the special-edition goodies out of its massive box.

3 ways Skrillex is bringing dubstep music to gamers

It appears that Sonny “Skrillex” Moore is trying to expand his appeal to video game fans. The poster boy for the aggressive, abrasive American variety of dubstep music certainly has his fair share of haters … like people over the age of 25 who can’t get into his style. Regardless of your opinion on the guy’s music, however, give him credit for his efforts to broaden his brand with a handful of recent video game-related projects. Here are three examples, all from this past November.