Is there no such thing as games journalism?

Recently on Bitmob, the integrity of games journalism has come into question. I found this amusing because, frankly, there’s no such thing. Now, who am I to talk about this subject? Well, I’m a journalist in Canada. I’ve covered elections, city council, tragedies, triumphs, and sports games.

Halo’s significant impact on my life

I've just finished killing all of my friends.  

See Descent recreated in Unreal Engine 3

I mostly remember Descent for making me sick, but a lot of fans look back fondly on the PC shooter series. We havn't seen a new release in the franchise since 1999's Descent 3, but one enthusiast, going by Mad Max, is trying to re-create the original inside the modern Unreal Engine 3, which powers games like Gears of War and Infinity Blade.