DmC: Devil May Cry’s protagonist Dante is more likable than ever

If you haven't played the new DmC: Devil May Cry demo yet, you should get on that. I just finished playing it, and I've got to say, it is one hot slice of pie. The new version of protagonist Dante — who seems like one of the most universally hated character redesigns in recent history if you believe message boards — already appeals to me way more than the old Dante ever did.

Are we squandering our ability to interact directly with developers?

Many questions that children ask can leave parents feeling dumbfounded, embarrassed, and awkward as they attempt to provide an appropriate explanation for mature or complex topics. Equally so, a child of the 80's and 90's asking “Where do games come from?” would have most parents scratching their heads as they tried to figure out how the mystical cartridges actually come about.

The Legend of (paper) Zelda

This creative short film has everything you'd want in a classic Legend of Zelda adventure, like sword fighting, traveling, a showdown with Ganon, and the rescue of a princess. The big difference is that this story forsakes pixel and polygons for simple, scanned drawings animated over multiple Apple product screens.

Dyad creator: Traditional storytelling in games is “idiotic”

For his keynote speech at Gamercamp in Toronto, game developer Shawn McGrath gave the floor to his Twitter followers, who overwhelmingly asked about the technology that went into his psychedelic abstract shooter Dyad for the PlayStation 3. But time ran out before he could circle back to the topic he really wanted to tackle: how storylines in video games are "a worthless endeavour."

If you ask nicely, this artist will draw you a Pokémon (from memory)

Over the past few months, illustrator Laura Bifano has been running a side project through Tumblr in which Pokéfans describe their favorite pocket monster, and the artist will draw it based on what she may or may not remember. She claims not to have seen a Pokémon since she was 12, so the accuracy of the final piece depends entirely on her own recollection and the strength of the original description.