Pokémon urban legends turned into art

I've always wondered why adults enjoy turning seemingly innocent toys and games into unspeakable horrors. The original Pokémon titles and even The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask have tons of creepy stories about them now, including haunted cartridges driving players insane and ghostly, disformed sprites that ultimately break your save files.

IndieCade is empowering me to become a game designer

I’m ready to transition from writing about video games to designing them. I wouldn’t have thought this move was possible if not for attending the international festival of independent games, IndieCade, for the last four years. I won’t continue as a weekly contributor to GamesBeat after Bitmob finishes merging with it at the end of this month. Fittingly, I want to look at my history with IndieCade as it sandwiches my journalism career and helps guide me to the next level.  

How I sold my soul for sex in the Mass Effect series

My Commander Shepard is a good man. I made him that way; my unseen hand guiding him through his spacefaring adventures and shaping his personality. He is by no means a perfect person, but I've ensured that he tries to help out those in need at every opportunity — just so long as they don't rub him the wrong way. For the most part, I kept my Shepard on the straight and narrow.