Dyad creator: Traditional storytelling in games is “idiotic”

For his keynote speech at Gamercamp in Toronto, game developer Shawn McGrath gave the floor to his Twitter followers, who overwhelmingly asked about the technology that went into his psychedelic abstract shooter Dyad for the PlayStation 3. But time ran out before he could circle back to the topic he really wanted to tackle: how storylines in video games are "a worthless endeavour."

If you ask nicely, this artist will draw you a Pokémon (from memory)

Over the past few months, illustrator Laura Bifano has been running a side project through Tumblr in which Pokéfans describe their favorite pocket monster, and the artist will draw it based on what she may or may not remember. She claims not to have seen a Pokémon since she was 12, so the accuracy of the final piece depends entirely on her own recollection and the strength of the original description.

Pay what you want for a new Wii U … remix album

DJ Cutman pays homage to Nintendo’s latest console with his instrumental album Wii U Grooves. This self-described “lifelong fan” of the Big N samples various songs from the new console’s games and operating system and flips them into a bunch of different music styles. Regardless of what you think about the Wii U, I think we can all agree that these remixes are pretty chill. 

Did you know this Mega Man trivia?

Mega Man is one of my favorite gaming series, but even I didn't know all of the obscure facts presented in Did You Know Gaming's newest, trivia-filled episode. I certainly didn't know that Capcom was originally going to call the game The Battle Rainbow Rock Man. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?