Writing for Bitmob helped me get a job teaching game design

I just picked up a part-time job teaching game design to underserved youth in my neighborhood. The funny thing is, I’ve never really made a video game before, and I don't know how to program. What I do have, however, is three years of experience writing about games and plenty of industry contacts, all thanks to Bitmob. I was able to sell myself on those points, and now I’m using my insider perspective to put together a kick-ass program.

Zynga ‘unleashes’ bigwig Mark Pincus after big product unveiling

Zynga chief executive Mark Pincus was quiet for the past couple of months as Facebook went public and Zynga geared up for its big Unleashed event last week, where the massive social-game developer unveiled its latest social games. But afterward, Zynga unleashed Pincus for an interview with the Associated Press. Here’s some of the choice quotes from the man whose company brought us social games on Facebook such as FarmVille, CityVille, and now The Ville.

Team Fortress 2 father-son tag team celebrates Source Filmmaker’s announcement

Normally, the Scout wants nothing to do with the Spy during Team Fortress 2's chaotic scrambles for the intelligence within its Capture the Flag maps. That rather unflattering business with Scout's mother left a lasting grudge, after all. Of course, all it takes is one skilled machinima director to show the other side of the dented baseball bat.

Video Blips: Dishonored, Death Rally, and Summer Olympics 2012

I sincerely hope Dishonored's possession mechanic doesn't wind up bandwagon fodder. I don't want the option to jump behind the eyeballs of a fish in the next Deus Ex or Splinter Cell.

Grindhouse is a fitting direction for video games

Since the release of the Quintin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature Grindhouse, the titular genre of the same name has gone from being almost completely forgotten to mainstream media awareness. Grindhouse sparked a brief resurgence of exploitation cinema, but nowhere has the effect of that style been felt more heavily than in the world of video games.

Relief for developers? Apple app downloads pick up in May while marketing costs dip

For much of this year, the number of downloads in the Apple App Store has dropped, and the cost of acquiring new users — the basic marketing that developers do in order to get people to buy apps or virtual goods — has been going up. But developers got a little relief in the month of May, according to indices tracked by mobile ad firm Fiksu.

30 (rushed) minutes with Demon’s Souls

A few weeks ago, I wrote about three games I'm too afraid to play (I forget what the name of that article was, but I'm sure it wasn't on-the-nose at all). One of those fearful titles was From Software's PlayStation 3-exclusive role-playing game Demon's Souls, which frightened me because everyone keeps telling me how freakishly difficult it is. But I'm 31 years old and far too "mature" to let a bunch of ones and zeroes give me the willies, so long story short, I own a copy of Demon's Souls now.

Indie fighting game Divekick exposed me as a fraud

While I’m nowhere near the level of the best fighting-game players in the world, I’d like to believe that I am a somewhat knowledgeable and decent competitor. I enjoy going into training mode and trying different techniques out. I wrote a four-page article about the history of Street Fighter IV. I can't dispatch players with the ease of Ricky Ortiz or break a game apart like the combo- and glitch-finding monster Desk, but being able to discuss these highly technical titles in a way that people can understand has to count for something right?

Players take indie games for granted

Indie releases represent a step toward a new era of gaming where Call of Duty doesn’t dominate the market, and bigger titles are created with the same love and passion as their less-mainstream counterparts.