Video games can become great films, and this is why

We’ve all seen some of the horrible results that result from high-profile, big-screen video game adaptations.

Retro games on the iPad are surprisingly … OK

Six months ago, my Atari 2600 stopped wanting to recognize its controller. Given that the console is older than me, I didn't begrudge it finally dying, but I was a bit sad. It joins the ranks of my bullet-riddled Intellivision and corroded Coleco Gemini. Someday I will go back and fix any loose wires and clean up all those bad connections, but I'm simply too busy to rip apart consoles these days.

Playing with power: The strongest Street Fighter characters of the last 25 years

Not all World Warriors are created equal. The Street Fighter series may have revolutionized fighting games with its diverse cast of characters, but making sure that they all have a chance against each other is an arduous balancing act. Whenever a new game comes out, it doesn’t take long before message boards erupt with “tier lists” that attempt to rank the cast by strength.

Farts, goats, and Britney Spears: You Don’t Know Jack, by the numbers

You might say the developers at Jellyvision do know Jack. They've been creating irreverent trivia, writing good (and bad) comedy, and recording hours and hours of smart-ass dialogue for their You Don't Know Jack video game series since 1995. 1995! That's 17 years of…well, a lot of pointlessness. And with the company's recent Facebook release, it's not looking to stop the fart jokes anytime soon.

Rock Band Blitz and the end of an era

Do you remember when you'd invite friends over, and you'd drag your plastic Rock Band instruments out from whichever corner or closet you'd stashed them in, and maybe people weren't too excited at first, but then someone would sing The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" horribly and all was right with the world again?