Donuts and penguins are weapons of war When Vikings Attack (review)

Grab your giant donut or ice cream truck and get ready to stand up and throw it for your country. Vikings are attacking, see, and it’s up to the citizens of 1970s Britain to fight back. With the assistance of The Department of Vikings, you must guide your little vigilante circle around increasingly wacky environments like The Farm, The Pipe Factory, The Museum, Up On The Roof, and, ultimately, Viking Island itself.

Waking Mars mirrors a multiethnic, 21st-century America

I love the way that Waking Mars approaches the ethnicity of its characters. The astronaut heroes just happen to be an Asian guy and a black woman. These details never really come up in the story, yet they are quite obvious during the dialogue scenes in this Martian-botany, cave-exploration game. I was pleasantly surprised to see that for this dynamic duo, race is an afterthought.