5 more multiplayer modes you absolutely must play

So after playing a bit of the ol' Halo 4 multiplayer (and initially hating it) at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo game industry trade show, I got bit by the Halo bug. I came home, threw in Halo: Reach, cued up the Team Objectives list, and suddenly remembered why I stopped doing that very thing in the first place. Everybody wants to play Capture the Flag modes, and I mean every time.

3D gaming is dead (and good riddance)

Think of the Electronic Entertainment Expo as a bellweather. Every major player in the industry rolls out their top-line products and sets the tone for the next 12 months, for better or worse. The constant bombardment of information gets so intense that sometimes, we're too busy concentrating on all the new stimuli to notice what's missing.

Publishers and the Homefront of video game marketing

In 2010, THQ gave the gaming world one of the largest marketing campaigns it has ever seen. The effort focused on the first-person shooter, Homefront. THQ knew that it needed to make a big splash with this game, and if it succeeded, it would have its very own Call of Duty-style franchise. The publisher's attack plan was simple. You have to spend money to make money.

Civilization V: Gods & Kings subtly criticizes religion

I founded a religion last night. We worship trees and stone. Unsurprisingly, my cities are surrounded by forests and stone quarries. By shaping my religion based on my surroundings, I’ve gained bonus happiness for my people and improved their faith. This is the Gods portion of the new Civilization V expansion Gods & Kings, and it is a rather cynical look at how rulers form religions to benefit themselves.