Follow the bunny-hopping path through PC gaming’s history

Growing up, I plunged myself into the breakneck and keyboard-cracking world of twitch deathmatch shooters. My library consisted of games emblazoned with chest-thumping verbs and wicked synonyms of misfortune: Quake, Doom, Painkiller, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, and so on. My right hand curled into the agile claw shape around my mouse, and my left hovered a callused thumb over the spacebar anticipating a swift swing into the almighty bunny-hop.

The Tao of gaming: Three life lessons I’ve learned

You see it for everything these days: lessons learned from being a bit too obsessed with something you love. But really, you can gain experience from anything if you look at it the right way. Call it Tao, Zen, whatever you like (as long as it sounds mystical and ancient), charge enough money for it in the bargain section of your local bookstore, and at least four people will most likely pick up your creed out of curiosity.

Video Blips: Spec Ops: The Line, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Krater

I'm glad a certain sand-themed dance anthem made by a certain DJ rhyming with "la nude" hasn't appeared in any of Spec Ops: The Line's trailers. But who am I kidding — terrible music choices sit squarely within the domain of multiplayer highlight reels.

3 possible My Little Pony ideas Gameloft should avoid

Hasbro announced that Gameloft will make a mobile My Little Pony game! I am like a master when comes to predicting things. Unfortunately, since the game will be a mobile, free-to-play experience, my hopes for a Skylanders-esque pony project are totally dashed for the time being. What's bothering me now is that Hasbro and Gameloft haven't said what style they're shooting for with My Little Pony. Gameloft's attempt at Oregon Trail was acceptable, but nothing the company makes really excites me.    But I'm still hoping Gameloft does something decent with the franchise. Here are a few predictions for what might be in a My Little Pony game, and I hope no one uses them.

Coolest class ever: Valve brings Portal 2 to schools

One time in high school, I was able to convince a stern teacher it was “essential” that I play Grand Theft Auto III for a presentation. It was easily one of my favorite experiences at school simply because I was able to mix gaming and education. Now with video-game publisher Valve’s new “Steam for Schools” initiative, other students might get the chance I had to add video games to the classroom exercises.

The DeanBeat: Will your game company survive the zombie apocalypse?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game trade show in Los Angeles was full of glitzy press conferences (like Ubisoft’s, pictured above). So many big companies were acting like it was business as usual. They showed games that were the third or fourth in the series on the same generation of game consoles. One very well-known game developer came up to me and said, “I wonder if any of this is going to matter. There is so much change happening in the industry that is going to make this all irrelevant.”

Hey, Sonic? Get out of the car

This is a screenshot from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Sega's new racing game coming out on every console this holiday season. As the title suggests, it features a cast of characters from throughout Sega history (and also NASCAR star Danica Patrick, for some reason).

5 more multiplayer modes you absolutely must play

So after playing a bit of the ol' Halo 4 multiplayer (and initially hating it) at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo game industry trade show, I got bit by the Halo bug. I came home, threw in Halo: Reach, cued up the Team Objectives list, and suddenly remembered why I stopped doing that very thing in the first place. Everybody wants to play Capture the Flag modes, and I mean every time.