Gaming needs photorealism to properly convey emotions

During an interview with GamesIndustry International, 2K Games boss Christoph Hartmann made the statement that certain types of games are unable to achieve particular emotions due to the limitations of current technology.

Midnight anniversary screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World proves the film is now a cult classic

One of the best video-game-themed movies just turned two years old. To celebrate, a couple hundred fans of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (a film adaptation of a comic book) came out to watch a midnight screening with series creator Bryan Lee O’Malley. I decided to brave the warm Southern California night to see the eponymous main character fight his girlfriend’s seven evil exes. When I arrived at the theater, one thing was immediately clear: This motion picture is undeniably a cult classic.

Disney Research wants to turn your house plants into controllers

I honestly don't know how to accurately describe Disney Research's new touch-based controller technology. Very dedicated scientists and engineers recently developed an interface that monitors plants and picks up on human fingers when they make contact with stems and petals. The working name is Botanicus Interacticus, and someday your average flowering plant could turn into a viable game controller.

Metacritic is stupid, but only because review scores are also stupid

With the recent job offer from Irrational games asking for a developer who has worked on a title that scored 85+ on Metacritic (an arbitrary number for sure, but no more than asking six years of experience instead of four or five), the copy/paste machine that we call the Internet is in full rage mode again against those practices. Typically, two parties are blamed: either the evil developers and publishers who put that much emphasis on the Metascore, or Metacritic itself.

Indie developers: Pitch us in one Tweet, and we may write about your game

You've worked hard. You've created what you think is an incredible game. But no one's buying, and you're sick of turning one pack of ramen into three days' worth of sustenance. You wish those damn journalists would just take one little peek at your pride and joy, because you're sure they'll fall in love and lavish it with words of praise, giving it the attention it so desperately needs.