Space Invader mosaic on its way to attack the earth

I’m not sure if we can still call this Space Invader mosaic “street art” when it’s up in the stratosphere. The artist Invader, who was featured in the award-winning documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, sent one of his pieces up into the second layer of the earth’s atmosphere back in August. He created the high/low-tech unmanned spacecraft using a balloon for flight and a camcorder to film the voyage.

Torchlight II is more than its loot chase

I sat with my hands resting on the keyboard and mouse, mulling over a selection of loot I'd accumulated from my hacking and slashing through the Ghosts of Plunder Cove. Did I want to equip the Hasty Maul, which has a "very slow attack speed" but also a "+7% attack speed"? Doesn't sound so "hasty." How about the Vampiric Lumber Sledge with the ability to steal 6 health on a hit? Or maybe the Paired Battle Axe with a "very fast attack speed" and a "+5% chance to execute"? Execute what? I'm not sure.