Zynga is vastly undervalued

How can a company that brings in $1.2 billion a year, and recently cut costs in order to achieve profitability, have a market value that’s effectively zero? It doesn’t make sense. Here’s why Zynga is undervalued — provided it does the right thing next.

2 important questions about the ‘Leon’ campaign in Resident Evil 6

Developer Capcom unleashed Resident Evil 6, the latest installment in its survival-ish horror-y franchise a couple of weeks ago. I'm almost done with series…favorite(?) Leon Kennedy's campaign (one of three in the game), and while I'm not quite as down on this title as Bitmob and GamesBeat writer Jasmine Rea is, I have spent a lot of my time playing it scratching my head. I assume the head-scratching is out of confusion, but I guess I wouldn't rule out Zombie Flu (which is just like the regular flu, but with zombies).

The iPad mini is Apple’s best gaming device

Gaming is huge for Apple. It represents a large chunk of its revenue from the App Store and a significant driver of sales for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch product lines. So it should be no surprise that Apple built the iPad mini for gaming. The mini fills an important niche between the pseudo-desktop, full-tablet iPad experience and the portable, but often-congested iPhone environment.

One Million Hit Points: 01 — Sworcery secrets, a retro game store, and more

I cleared a huge hurdle. I managed to produce a second episode of my video-game-culture webshow, One Million Hit Points. Actually, this is the premiere since the last one (with the senior citizens playing Wii Sports bowling) was technically the pilot. I’m confident that episode one is at least seven times better than episode zero. Wait….

Experimenting with video games as drugs

As the good little boy that I was (and still am), I never experimented with drugs. I respect my health –not to mention the law — far too much to ever allow myself to attempt them. Yet the stories of wild hallucinations, unimaginable nightmares, and indescribable feelings still manage to pique my interest. Now, I’m in no rush to end my life, but sometimes that morbid curiosity just can’t be ignored. “What does it feel like? What would I see? Where would I be?”