Video games have more storytelling potential than any other medium

Recently, I came across Ico: Castle in the Mist, a novelization based on the critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 title Ico. This struck me as odd. I picked up the book and gave it a once over, and after a couple of pages, sure, it seemed like a good read, but something was missing. And as I thought about it, I realized that any video game that can effectively be translated into a book is not pushing the storytelling to its full potential.

This Majora’s Mask 3DS mockup is sure to make Zelda fans weep

I'm beginning to think that a certain corner of the Internet is just reserved for heartbreaking handheld mockups. I've always liked the design of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask logo, and I think it holds up better than the Nintendo 64 game it represents. This completely fictional Nintendo 3DS XL based on that image is delightful, even to a non-fan like me.

Street Fighter X Tekken’s new challengers must save the game from itself

I remember watching the finals for the Street Fighter X Tekken tournament at Community Effort Orlando 2012, the largest fighting-game event in Florida. Unlike the most of the other competitions at the event, it wrapped up on Saturday night instead of Sunday. The indie fighter Skullgirls also ended that day, but the venue hosted the event on the main stage and kept SFXT on a smaller secondary station. At the awards ceremony organizer Alex Jebaily jokingly congratulated the eight finalists for still playing it.

The 10 funniest songs from video games

The art of gaming has evolved from an unassuming pastime into a complex combination of in-depth narratives, developed characters, beautiful visuals, engaging gameplay, and entrancing musical numbers. With all that to perfect, and a culture that often celebrates mature themes in gaming, it’s no wonder that comedy is often left out in the cold.

No one can hear you cramming for Endless Space

I enjoy learning new things — just as I imagine (and hope) most of the rest of us do, too. But, also as I believe the opinions of most others to be, I don’t particularly enjoy mundane tasks. I don't want to study text bubbles or cross reference data spreadsheets. Discovery should be intuitive, right? I think we can all get behind that. So, I want to like Endless Space. I do, honestly. But Endless Space feels like homework sometimes.

Why tween girls aren’t playing your games

Just the mention of the word “tween” conjures up images of Bratz-toting, Twilight-reading, Justin Bieber-loving fans. But when you strip away the generalizations, a surprising reality emerges: this demographic controls nearly $50 billion in spending power — and they’re powerful brand advocates (just look at what they’ve done for stars like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry).

Wikipad: The company (and tablet) that’s bringing console gaming to Android (exclusive)

There are tablets, and then there’s a gaming tablet. The Wikipad, an Android handheld that promised to be the first mobile device with a gamepad built specifically for the device, is set to launch later this year. Venturebeat recently sat down to talk with CEO James Bower and President of Sales Fraser Townley in a local design office in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s puzzling design decision makes PaRappa a killer

I spent some time earlier this week with the beta for developer SuperBot's Sony mash-up fighter PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and while it was a crazy good time, one of its design decisions really struck me as odd. And no, it wasn't the random quiz show that broke out in the middle of the match or the impromptu battle between God of War's Hades and a squad of Patapon warriors.