Animated Portal turns Wheatley human

An amateur animator going by Enquaynay on YouTube created an awesome, hand-drawn version of a cutscene from Portal 2. Even cooler, they reimagined the game by turning robotic characters Wheatley and GLaDOS human. As a fan of traditional animation, I find it incredibly impressive for one person to do this much quality work.

Finding nuance to achieve victory in Crusader Kings II

I never quite understood the grand strategy genre of entertainment provided by Paradox Interactive. The games were vast in their scope, spanning years of history and large amounts of land all broken down into countries, provinces, counties, cities, and towns. Then when the developers throw in a dynasty that you have to lead to glory through wars, rebellious vassals, scheming enemies, and siblings with ulterior motives for succession, you have yourself a very confusing yet appealing prospect.

I’m a jerk to someone I know only through the 3DS’s StreetPass Mii Plaza

I’ve met hundreds of people through the StreetPass Mii Plaza application on the Nintendo 3DS, and I’m an unreasonable jerk to just one guy. I’ve never talked to him before, so I have no idea what he’s really like. But we’re acquaintances through this simple, inter-console social-media service. Now, whenever our handhelds swap data and our Mii characters cross paths, I decide to be kind of mean. It’s an ongoing joke … one that I don’t even know if he’s aware of.

Get ready for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes by taking this adventure game challenge

It's very easy to dismiss Frogwares' Sherlock Holmes adventure game series if you only look at screenshots. They aren't the most beautiful games around, but what they lack in appearance they more than make up for in depth. The latest title in the series, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, launches September 25, giving you approximately two days to familiarize yourself with the series. That's if you're willing to take the Sherlock challenge….