5 things you didn’t know about You Don’t Know Jack

Internet-times, they are a-changin'. In the past, all you had to do to show you were smarter than your Facebook friends was post something on your wall that was just nerdy enough to bewilder people who would pretend to know what you're talking about. But now you have to prove how s-m-r-t you actually are, thanks to Jellyvision Games's You Don't Know Jack for Facebook.

5 bizarre song choices in Japanese games

For us at Bitmob, game music lingers within our minds as much as in our ears. We've talked about how worthy (and unworthy) soundtracks aurally sculpt a game's content. We've pleaded with Hollywood to stay its insipidity when turning its profiteering gaze upon our most beloved musical memories. And, of course, we've stamped our (invisible) seal of approval on games purely for their songs alone.

2 things that could help make Hollywood’s adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus good

It wasn't too long ago that comic book fans gritted their teeth when buying tickets to the silver-screen adaptations of their favorite characters and ventured into the theater hoping that there was at least some redeeming quality to the film. But over the years, the Fantastic Fours and Ghost Riders gave way to the Iron Mans and Avengers…and comic junkies were happy. Hollywood hasn't been so nice to video game enthusiasts, though. (Find a video game movie above 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. I dare you.)

Video Blips: Dishonored, Hitman: Absolution, and Defiance

The E3 energy definitely crackles in the air this Friday. Or maybe it's the baby bawling its lungs out next door. I can't tell. I poured concrete into my ears two hours ago.

Foraging for salvation in Metro: Last Light

The post-apocalyptic world that 4A Games has created for Metro: Last Light is not the usual fare that you've seen in some recent games such as Rage and Fallout: New Vegas. This one is dark and full of horrors. The few survivors left alive in Moscow are riddled with psychic visions that have drawn the dwindling populace to insanity.

The DeanBeat: What to expect at E3

Expectations are mixed for the video game event of the year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) conference taking place in Los Angeles next week. We’ll have a crew of 10 GamesBeat writers and editors physically covering the event, so you know that we believe the show is still a relevant place to catch up on all things gaming related. We’ll be posting as often as we can on the GamesBeat channel of VentureBeat. Naysayers say it will be boring, or a museum of gaming’s past. But that’s a crock of … you know.

3 games I’m too afraid to play

Fear comes in as many shapes and sizes as terrifying circus clowns. What scares one person might make another shrug or laugh, and that, in turn, may make that first person violent (but the courts can't prove anything). We're afraid of the unknown, the uncanny, and the uncontrollable, and these anxieties define us as much as anything else.

3 features Minecraft on Xbox Live desperately needs

By now it's pretty obvious that the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft isn't nearly as complex as the PC original. While updates are in the works, certain elements from the main game simply won't carry over to the 360. Since mods are out of the question, the next content update is the perfect vessel to turn the console edition into the most streamlined-yet-enjoyable version of Minecraft yet.