3 reasons not to buy games (right away)

In this fast-paced, hustle-and-bustle world of ours, a lot of people are afraid of being left behind. I'm often worried that I'll be at a party and people will start talking about Lost, and I won't have anything to add because I've only seen like 10 minutes of that show. But then I remember that the odds of that very specific situation arising are pretty low, and I don't get invited to parties, anyway.

5 very memorable video game deaths

Life in a video game is cheap. Odds are you bite it on a fairly regular basis just bopping through the campaign. Your character explodes in a shower of meaty parts or he simply ragdolls, letting out a manly, yet shrill scream. But then the game resets, you’re up again, and everything’s back to normal. Certain death averted, however many tries it takes.

These Minecraft-themed 3D-printed figures are fantastic

You can buy all the weird Minecraft-related clothing you want (including a three creeper moon T-shirt), but finding more game-accurate items is actually a bit of a challenge. Well, one generous person with the time and patience to run a 3D printer is now selling little figures based off of iconic Minecraft creatures and characters from a noteable Let's Play video series.

Shooting bots helped my students think

It made them think about how to achieve their goal of winning the game, but I digress.

The film 300, re-created inside Skyrim

300 was a film famous for stylized battles. Skyrim is a game that has plenty of fighting, but it would probably be safer to call its battles slow, clunky, and repetitive. Maybe the nicer word for it would be "methodical." So I'm a bit surprised that someone was able to replicate the epic scenes of 300 inside Skyim (with the help of a few mods, of course). You can see the video for yourself below.