Bowser is simply misunderstood

I think villains get a bad rap. They are often blamed for the destruction of anything from a small town to the entire universe. They are constantly being attacked by would-be heroes who are out to make a name for themselves by taking down some perceived threat. But villains are not always bad; they are just misunderstood.

I’ll face myself: The controls of Persona 4 Arena

This month’s Bitmob Writing Challenge on game controls is due by Sunday, September 30. You can read the rules here, and now I'm going to share an example piece focusing on Persona 4 Arena. Those who have grown partial to this feature over the years might want to contribute to this particular one — let’s just say, for me at least, we’ve reached the final save point.

What Superman did for video games

Bitmob community member Daniel Castro's article  about developer Rocksteady's Batman titles (which is immediately below this one on our front page feed) provides valuable commentary on how "branded" games need not be awful. But while it's great to talk about games made right, we can also gain a lot of insight from a series of dismal, catastrophic failures.

What Batman did for video games

Every now and then, I get to talk to my students about video games. They've all played Battlefield and Call of Duty, and the conversations always veer toward the latest Halo, Grand Theft Auto, or whatever big sequel is coming out. But when I bring up Batman: Arkham Asylum or its follow-up, Batman: Arkham City, I always hear the same old thing. "I’ve heard it’s great, but I haven’t tried it yet."