Does Duke Nukem deserve to exist?

It has been over a year since Duke Nukem Forever finally came out, but I only just recently managed to sit down and play through the entire demo without trying to jump out a window…more than three times. During the moments I wasn’t trying to attempt suicide, I began to question why this game was actually released. I don’t mean in the state it is in, though that is a problem as well, but why it was ever released at all.

Bitmob Writing Challenge: Extra Credit Collected Works

Video games and education have had a complex relationship, and I asked the Bitmob community to write about them for last month’s Bitmob Writing Challenge. These five entries cover a range of topics such as the true success of a classic “edutainment” title, what we can learn from playing puzzle games, what kids can learn from playing first-person shooters, and more. While you won’t be quizzed on these stories, they are still required reading.

The Tetris effect: How a game can alter the way you look at life

If you haven’t heard of it, the Tetris effect occurs when one devotes an excessive amount of time to an activity or game, and it begins to overtake the sufferer’s thoughts and dreams. It’s named for the classic block-stacking puzzler Tetris. At its release, Tetris took the world by storm and people began to devote massive amounts of time to it. Players began to see the title's abstract shapes in everyday life, trying to visualize how pieces of furniture and other objects would fit together to form perfect rows, for example. Even dreams of falling blocks became common.

Is the Wii U really a next-gen game console?

The industry has commonly referred to Nintendo's upcoming Wii U as the first of the next-generation consoles; however, this moniker is up for much speculation in light of the current console market.