Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a dungeon crawler, because why the hell not?

The latest installment in publisher Konami's Silent Hill series, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, comes out for Sony's PlayStation Vita portable console next week. Developer WayForward (maker of Contra 4 for the Nintendo DS, A Boy and His Blob for the Wii) is trying something different with its contribution to the well-worn horror franchise, trading in the traditional formula of "let me wander around this foggy town and holy shit, genital monsters" for something more like "let me, the player, control a guy wandering around a series of rusty dungeons in an isometric viewpoint, leveling up my character, collecting loot, and holy shit, genital monsters."

Video game music just isn’t the same anymore

I’m kinda fickle when it comes to most game elements. Eye candy is alright, and gameplay is important. But if a developer wants to instill a lasting, meaningful connection between myself and its game, the music needs to be amazing. I don’t like Halo: Combat Evolved, but its theme is fantastic. Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3? Amazing soundtracks. Bastion? Fez? VVVVVV? Win. Win. Win.