Adventure Time cartoon creator wants to get into games journalism…sorta

Pendleton Ward, the creator of the wildly popular Adventure Time cartoon, wants to start writing about video games. He recently created a new website to do so. At this point, he’s mainly filled it with a few hypnotic animated images of a simple Super Mario having fun with a plunger. In his first post, Ward expressed his desire to “interview people who work on games.”

Remembering Nintendo Power

As a child in April of 1988, there was nothing more exciting for me than receiving my first issue of the free Nintendo Fun Club News. My family had one of those centralized neighborhood mailboxes, and I was allowed to check it on the particular day it arrived. As I pulled out the mail, the first thing I saw was some awesomely ‘80s Zelda 2 artwork. I ran back to the house, newsletter in hand, leaving behind a key hanging from an open mail door with less important mail (like bills) peeking from inside. My mom made me go back. That run took forever.

COPS…in Skyrim

You all know COPS. It's the show where real police officers protect America by arresting a bunch of people committing violent crimes. Honestly, it's pretty funny on its own, but what if it was set in Skyrim? Oh, then you have comedy gold, my friend.

The multiplayer scheduling problem

Last Saturday, I got an email from my good friend, Player 1. It was a short and to the point: P1 wanted me (hereafter referred to as "Player 2") and our mutual buddies, Players 3 and 4, to set aside time in our schedules to finally finish the co-op campaign we'd all wanted to knock off our lists for some time. The game was Double Fine's Iron Brigade (formerly known as Trenched), an absolutely delightful tower-defense/third-person shooter.

The games industry shouldn’t neglect its core audience

The gaming industry is developing itself from a different angle than it always has. Rather than looking for the next big invention or hit, many companies are simply trying to push their products out the door. Unfortunately, this gives us many cookie-cutter games under one genre title, and more often than not, enormous parts of the development process are sacrificed to make another dollar.