The Walking Dead presents a compelling story, but is the gameplay still too complex?

I was having a leisurely pint of ale with my girlfriend when my mind began to wander away from our conversation. What ever we were talking about evidently paled in comparison to my thoughts on the Walking Dead game, the third episode of which I had played through a couple of nights before. When she ultimately realized that I was not giving her my full attention, I tried to explain why the game touched me so deeply. I found it almost impossible to justify my feelings without speaking about it in “gaming terms” and by comparing it to other games (two things I know she doesn't understand and finds difficult to relate to).

How Dark Souls explores the themes of death and rebirth

Dark Souls, developed by From Software and released in 2011, redefines the idea of death in video games. In fact, death is integral to the game in every capacity, including its gameplay, minimalist story, and how the character interacts with other players online.

Classic games don’t always hold up

So there I was, playing the newly downloadable Jet Set Radio — the classic cell-shaded skatepunk adventure — on my PlayStation 3 and  absolutely hating it. That's quite an unfamiliar sensation to me. When the original disc-bound version released on the Dreamcast back in 2000, I loved every last morsel of it. The design, the popping colors, the sound, the challenges … all awesomeness defined.

Game-expo booth babes speak out on nerd perspiration

Back in 2010, I interviewed a handful of promotional models at the Electronics Entertainment Expo trade show to hear what they thought about working such a gig. Most of them responded that it was fun and that they met a lot of nice, interesting people. Then, I asked them about having to take pictures with a bunch of sweaty conference attendees. It turns out, they had a lot of passionate opinions on that subject, and I decided to (finally) compile their responses into a short video.