Classic games don’t always hold up

So there I was, playing the newly downloadable Jet Set Radio — the classic cell-shaded skatepunk adventure — on my PlayStation 3 and  absolutely hating it. That's quite an unfamiliar sensation to me. When the original disc-bound version released on the Dreamcast back in 2000, I loved every last morsel of it. The design, the popping colors, the sound, the challenges … all awesomeness defined.

Game-expo booth babes speak out on nerd perspiration

Back in 2010, I interviewed a handful of promotional models at the Electronics Entertainment Expo trade show to hear what they thought about working such a gig. Most of them responded that it was fun and that they met a lot of nice, interesting people. Then, I asked them about having to take pictures with a bunch of sweaty conference attendees. It turns out, they had a lot of passionate opinions on that subject, and I decided to (finally) compile their responses into a short video.

Bowser is simply misunderstood

I think villains get a bad rap. They are often blamed for the destruction of anything from a small town to the entire universe. They are constantly being attacked by would-be heroes who are out to make a name for themselves by taking down some perceived threat. But villains are not always bad; they are just misunderstood.