10 Steam Greenlight games to up-vote

I'm a big fan of the indie game scene, and I do my best to support it when possible. It's where you see a lot of the exciting stuff happen. The majors shy away from risk. Indies take as many as possible, because that's the best way to get noticed. But while a lot of indie devs can create something truly special, few can actually explain their games very well.

The ‘Barcade': Why games like Angry Birds have paved the way for the arcade resurgence

Our culture is obsessed with things returning from the dead. Why not the video arcade? About a month ago, Ars Technica published an article that sounded almost too good to be true, “The Surprising Stealth Rebirth of the American Arcade.” I was somewhat skeptical; I have fond memories of time spent in arcades as a youth, but I was never privy to the true heyday of the video arcade in the ’80s.