Metacritic is stupid, but only because review scores are also stupid

With the recent job offer from Irrational games asking for a developer who has worked on a title that scored 85+ on Metacritic (an arbitrary number for sure, but no more than asking six years of experience instead of four or five), the copy/paste machine that we call the Internet is in full rage mode again against those practices. Typically, two parties are blamed: either the evil developers and publishers who put that much emphasis on the Metascore, or Metacritic itself.

Indie developers: Pitch us in one Tweet, and we may write about your game

You've worked hard. You've created what you think is an incredible game. But no one's buying, and you're sick of turning one pack of ramen into three days' worth of sustenance. You wish those damn journalists would just take one little peek at your pride and joy, because you're sure they'll fall in love and lavish it with words of praise, giving it the attention it so desperately needs. 

3 books that shouldn’t become video games (that I would totally play)

Earlier this week, Bitmob community writer Mark Purcell offered up three books that he believes would make great video games. His list is excellent, and it gave me a lot to think about. Not just about other works of literature that would benefit from this kind of adaptation, mind you. I immediately thought of a couple dozen books that would make terrible video games. But then I thought of some awful page-to-screen adaptations that I don't think I'd be able to resist, and after all of that thinking, I had to go lie down for a little while.

Every game needs a “Girlfriend Mode”

The gaming industry lives in a curious place right now. It’s male dominated — sometimes to a smugly elitist degree — and hypersensitive to its own undercurrent of sexism. So when John Hemingway, lead designer on Borderlands 2, told Eurogamer that the sequel to Gearbox Software’s surprise 2009 hit would include an easier-to-play character featuring, "for the lack of a better term, the girlfriend skill tree,” he essentially charged face-first into a buzzsaw of controversy.

Indie titles are the motorcycles of the gaming world

As I was sitting in my office chair, playing an indie game while simultaneously mulling over different topics to write about for the latest Bitmob Wants You, my mind began drifting to motorcycles. I pushed them out at first, claiming they were irrelevant and that I should be thinking about indie games. But as I began dissecting the core ideas behind indie games, something struck me. These titles are built on a culture of freedom and fellowship, just like motorbikes.

Sony has good cures for video game sequelitis

If you’re sick of only seeing upcoming releases that have numbers in their titles, maybe you should take a look at what Sony has been up to lately. The PlayStation 3/Vita maker has been working to put together a solid catalog of exclusive, original games. From its this season's string of PlayStation Network hits to some of its pleasantly surprising reveals at the recent Gamescom conference, Sony is taking plenty of risks to distinguish itself.

Developers undercut historical relevance with unrealistic gameplay

The gaming industry has seen a glut of modern military shooters over the past decade. This is because developers have started to try and make games that are relevant to audiences and hopefully hit closer to home. While this strategy is an admirable one, these games aren’t always as effective as they could be.

Gaming Bitmob: How to make the front page

Writing a story and having it make the front page of Bitmob brings about a great feeling, one I have been lucky enough to experience on a number of occasions. In the interest of sharing that feeling with my fellow Bitmob community members (especially the newer ones), I thought I’d present a few tips I’ve gathered in my two-and-a-half years writing for this site.