If this is your wingman in Battlefield 3, bail out

The next time you're craning your neck at the sky at a military air show, pilot "iFlyILLINI" might scream by in a fixed-wing jet. As a "commercially rated pilot with hundreds of hours of flight time and over four years experience," iFly should technically feel right at home inside the cramped cockpits of Battlefield 3's jets and helicopters.

Not trying to be Target: Origin vs. Steam

It looks like a few new jabs have been made in the ongoing fight between EA’s Origin and Valve’s Steam, the two largest video game digital distribution services on the Internet. Unlike the famous Hatfield and McCoy feud, the dispute between these giant companies is a little more serious than a fight over bad grammar (that’s what started the Hatfield and McCoy thing right? I missed that Kevin Costner show). Origin and Steam are actually fighting about video games. This is serious stuff.

Nintendo will try to repeat its formula for success with the Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U is set for release this fall, and many gamers have one question in their minds regarding the console.