Sony has good cures for video game sequelitis

If you’re sick of only seeing upcoming releases that have numbers in their titles, maybe you should take a look at what Sony has been up to lately. The PlayStation 3/Vita maker has been working to put together a solid catalog of exclusive, original games. From its this season's string of PlayStation Network hits to some of its pleasantly surprising reveals at the recent Gamescom conference, Sony is taking plenty of risks to distinguish itself.

Developers undercut historical relevance with unrealistic gameplay

The gaming industry has seen a glut of modern military shooters over the past decade. This is because developers have started to try and make games that are relevant to audiences and hopefully hit closer to home. While this strategy is an admirable one, these games aren’t always as effective as they could be.

Gaming Bitmob: How to make the front page

Writing a story and having it make the front page of Bitmob brings about a great feeling, one I have been lucky enough to experience on a number of occasions. In the interest of sharing that feeling with my fellow Bitmob community members (especially the newer ones), I thought I’d present a few tips I’ve gathered in my two-and-a-half years writing for this site.

Broadening your gaming horizons

I've been out of college for 5 years now, and contrary to my mother's constant predictions throughout my youth, I've yet to "grow out of" gaming. Fortunately for me or not, video gaming has grown up with me and each year brings new and fascinating explorations of player agency and interactive storytelling.

My Arkham Asylum replay had a few Bat-pieces missing

The other night, I finished a replay of Batman: Arkham Asylum on the hardest difficulty setting. I did this for several reasons. First, because I saw The Dark Knight Rises and felt an incredible urge to pretend to be Batman, and most city police frown on people doing that in real life. Secondly, I wanted to grab a few Xbox 360 Achievements I'd missed the first time around. And finally, because I wanted to receive constant reminders of how much developer Rocksteady had improved on the formula in its second game, Arkham City.

4 of the best levels in gaming

It's not unusual to deliberately break books, movies, or TV episdoes up into chapters, but we rarely judge each individual act on its own merits. In gaming, we do. Many games feature incredibly compelling levels mixed right in with decent, boring, mundane, or even horrible levels. Even in across-the-board great games, one mission might stand out from the rest.