Two Tesla Model S cars on a cross-country rally drive.

3 reasons why Tesla can scale where others have failed

Tesla rocked the automotive world last month with news that it plans to build a 5 GW lithium ion battery plant in the United States. That’s huge: 5 GW is equivalent to all of the world’s current battery production, so, Tesla will basically double global battery manufacturing.

Toyota's concept hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCV-R.

Why California pushes hydrogen compliance cars over electric ones

Under a complex set of rules specifying how much credit automakers receive for each emission-free car they put on the road, hydrogen-powered vehicles earn more points for range and speed of refueling than do battery-electric cars.


Why electric cars can save fleet operators $16,000 apiece

A new study concludes that volume battery-electric vehicles at the low end of today’s price range would save fleet operators an average of $16,000 apiece over their lifetime.

A Tesla Model S car.

Here's what Tesla's 'good faith' patent stance actually means

Legally, Tesla could still charge for access to its patented technologies. But it almost certainly won’t. The benefits of fostering a standard platform for electric car tech far outweigh short term revenue gains from paid licensing agreements. And that mindset demonstrates that, at its core, Tesla is a tech company, not a car company.