Tesla's Model S is rated for a top speed of 130 mph.

From Nissan Leaf to Tesla Model S: the big electric car jump

We took delivery of our Leaf in February 2011, and over the next two-plus years recorded more than 16,000 trouble-free miles. But with the consistently positive reviews of the upscale Tesla Model S, this year we decided to make the big jump to that car.

AT&T logo

Tesla cars to use AT&T wireless internet service

While it won’t help the distracted driving problem, in-car Internet access is becoming a popular option among tech-conscious customers, and a new source of revenue for car makers and data providers.

Toyota's concept hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCV-R.

Toyota shows a sneak peek of its upcoming hydrogen car

Toyota has given a small selection of journalists their first taste of prototypes of its long-awaited hydrogen fuel-cell production car–and driving impressions are beginning to surface.


Korea's first electric car is coming to the U.S. next year

The upcoming Soul EV electric car will show off “Kia’s engineering capabilities as well as our commitment to producing vehicles with reduced environmental footprints,” according to Kia exec Orth Hedrick.


Hertz newest rental car? The hot Tesla Model S

The Model S won’t be a regular rental option, though. It will be offered through Hertz’s Dream Cars program, which also includes exotic cars from Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

fisker karma

Department of Energy may sell Fisker Automotive

The fate of Fisker Automotive has been hanging for months, but now an offer for the company has been “signed” and is “on the table.”

nissan autonomous drive

Nissan demos its self-driving cars for 2020

At the Nissan 360 event in Southern California, executive vice president Andy Palmer said “zero emissions” and “zero fatalities” will be the twin pillars of Nissan’s future product strategy.

home automation

Amazon opens one-stop-shop for home automation

“The aim is to simplify your life and help you live comfortably by automating everyday tasks and giving you remote access to your home when you’re away,” the company says on its new store, which is heavy with guides and introductory manuals.