Sign indicating electric car charging station

100x more electric car fast-chargers by 2020?

By the end of 2013, the number of charging stations is expected to rise threefold to 5,900 and triple to 15,200 in 2014. With rapid growth, worldwide fast-charging stations could top 199,000 by the end of this decade.

tesla recall

Tesla's 2017 car may be called the Model E

Tesla is expected to sell as many as five different models by 2016: the two sedans and crossovers mentioned above, plus a sports car to replace the much-loved Roadster. Could the Model E be the firm’s next two-seater?

The Honda Fit EV gets 188 MPG (equivalent).

The 5 most energy-efficient cars of 2013

Gasoline and diesel cars don’t even come close to these electric cars (and one plug-in hybrid), each of which offer the equivalent of more than 100 MPG.