This interactive tour of the Sistine Chapel will mesmerize you

You’ll never get to take a photo of the Sistine Chapel, and you’ll probably never get to cross its threshold in person. But now, if you can carve out a few quiet moments in front of your computer, you can take a private tour of the chapel, replete with all the fine art you can handle.

concept art

Working at the intersection of tech & art: An interview with concept designer Scott Robertson

It is very common for products and technologies presented in science fiction and films to come into real life years later, like the submarine in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and touch screens in Minority Report. It’s always been amazing for us that these futuristic technologies and ideas are first created in the imaginations of filmmakers and novelists.


Shopping: Is there an app for that?

Our fascination with the smartphone is in full swing. We now live in a world where more phones are activated daily than there are babies born, and they seem to be just as demanding.