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Salesforce challenges? There’s help!

As much as people may wish otherwise, Salesforce is not a “set and forget” tool. If users aren’t being guided in how to use it, early frustration can lead them to stop using it altogether — making it entirely irrelevant.


Learn how Zipcar drives explosive growth

Shortly after taking over the CMO role at Zipcar two years ago, he began focusing on creating local relevance for Zipsters, introducing performance-based acquisition, programmatic ad buying, and the Zipcar blog, Ziptopia.

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GamesBeat Summit: an agenda to move the industry

Taking place May 5 and May 6, GamesBeat Summit will be one of the most important gatherings in the gaming industry with peers openly strategizing and debating a blueprint for the industry challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Insightpool adds a B2B social selling platform to its portfolio

In a recent campaign for “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the company matched social influencers who might be most receptive to the erotic/romantic film. The new sales platform, believe it or not, applies similar principles to finding and nurturing the most appropriate B2B leads.

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47 percent of brands don’t use Twitter…or do they?

VentureBeat recently released their latest report on social media management, analyzing social activity, tools and trends. The report is all-inclusive, spanning over 120 pages of comprehensive analysis, but one section of the report that scintillatingly presents itself is in regards to major brands using Twitter…or not using Twitter.