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What to Think Ep. 37: Can Marissa Mayer save Yahoo?

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo has details on everything from Mayer’s first day at work to her showdowns with activist investors and truculent executives. We brought author Nicholas Carlson into the podcast studio to ask him our burning questions about Yahoo.

Media Predictions

9 media-tech trends to watch in 2015

It always struck me as odd to see so many predictions about how the technology industry will evolve over the next year without waiting to see what happens at CES — arguably one of the larger tech conventions where companies announced plans for the coming year. That said, I’ve written up a few predictions of my own now that the event is wrapping up.

TV vs. online

Video viewability will finally bridge the TV-online divide

For advertisers, TV and online video remain vastly different animals. Planning, buying and analyzing are segregated disciplines – each with its own processes, metrics and even culture. But we can change that.