Urge app helps you keep impulse spending in check (exclusive)

While personal financial services like Mint.com offer a pretty dashboard with detailed information about how your money is spent, they does little to prevent the powerful emotional responses associated with impulse purchases. For instance, the knowledge that you’ve already spent $50 at Starbucks this week won’t prevent you from buying yet another cup of coffee under the right circumstances — (especially if you’re a drowsy journalists working on deadline).

VentureBeat’s 2012 Mobile Summit: Great minds tackle 5 key mobile issues

We decided to host the Mobile Summit last year after realizing that there aren’t many places for mobile leaders to sit down and have a conversation. There are plenty of mobile conferences out there, including our own annual , but those events can often be crowded, and don’t allow for the same sort of intimate discussions that our Mobile Summit fosters. This year we’re discussing five new issues facing the industry…

What the Super Bowl and marketers can learn from socially savvy sports fans

While sports fans eagerly await who will win the 2012 Super Bowl and look forward to diving into chips and a Frito Pie or two, marketers are eager to see who the winners (and losers) are on the social media front. Clearly big brands want to make sure their (estimated) $3.5 million investment for a 30-second spot pays off, but how do they go beyond the 100 million audience to cultivate new and engaged fans via social media after February 5th?